Carlsberg: HappyBeerTime

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HappyBeerTime is a plug & party concept that bridges good ol’ socializing and social media, without compromising either.

Objective: To renew the well known concept of Happy Hour, with the new post-social media consumer in mind.

Strategy: To tap into existing behaviour of people going out. Nowadays we all seem to instagram all through the night. We asked people to add two simple hashtags to their photos and rewarded them for doing so. The reward being beer of course.

Result: A solution that added to, rather than distracted from, a nice and social night out. Not to mention prolonged Happy Hours, organic bar promotion and user generated content.

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Advertising Agency: Konstellation, Copenhagen, Denmark
Chief Creative Officer:Thomas Pries / Director Of Client Services:Claus Leinøe / Associate Creative Director:Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen, Philip Bock, Morten Grubak, Benjamin Bang, Rasmus Høgdal / Technical Director:Mads Sülau Jørgensen / Developer:Morten Barklund / Producer:Kristian Rix / Designer:Bas Meister