Coca-Cola "Pin Tabs" by WMcCann BR

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For the first time, the pop tabs of the cans become a media and bring ready to use pins

Coca-Cola has a long history of ideas that caught on and entered pop culture. In the 80s, the brand presented the yo-yos. In the 90s, the soccer mini figures. And not long ago we saw the packages with names becoming an object of desire all over the world.

Now the brand innovates once again and introduces the Pin Tabs, created by WMcCann. For the first time, the can tabs bring pins perfect to customize clothes, backpacks and much more. Just open the can and that's it. The pin is ready for use. It is an idea for those who increasingly seek to personalize their objects and want to show the world who they are.

To launch an idea with such potential, Coca-Cola looked for an equally spectacular event. And in partnership with Marvel Studios, the debut was with the film Avengers: Endgame. The limited edition with the pins of the 12 characters of the film were distributed in the premiere of Cinemark, the largest movie theater chain in Brazil, release by the influencers and sold in the brand’s e-commerce.

Advertising Agency: WMcCann, Sao Paulo, Brazil

CCO: Hugo Rodrigues, André Marques
Coo: Kevin Zung
Executive VP and RJ General Director: Marcio Borges
Creative Directors: Ricardo Weitsman, Nicolas Romano, Viviane Pepe
Head Of Art: Felipe Gomes
Creation: Pedro Chaves, Alexandre Xela Oliveira
Planning Vp: Luciana Padovani
Planning: Luiza Portella, Hugo Santos, Jorge Gloss, Carolinne Tavares, Mariana Valmoré
Account: Fabricio Aurichio, Tarso Campos, Bianca Almeida, Patricia Lopes, Renata Veloso, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Úrsula Silva, Tatiana Nascimento, Marina Nascimento
Media Vp: André França
Media: André Simões, Elton Baesso, Lorena Dias, Régis Rabelo, Maria Lúcia Zamprogno
Production VP: Tato Bono
Production: Nereu Marinho, Ricardo Rodrigues
Rtv: Juliana Lutterbach, Ana Borges
Motion: Yuri Porto
Projects: Erika Casal, Gustavo Tupinambá, Felipe Ribeiro, Juliana Melo
Pins’s producer: Fage Metais, Acessórios
Film Producer: Square Pixel
Direction: Raphael Dias, Marcelo Vidal
Executive Production: Aramis Barros
Producer: Marcelo Bombarda, David Bessler
Production Assistant: Giovanna Imperatore
Camera operation:Luiz Roberto Albertin
Edition: Hugo Freitas
Editor Assistant: Felipe Ferreira
Motion Graphics: Bernardo Ribeiro
Photographer: Lúcio Telles
3D and Post Production: Fujocka Creative Images
Sound Production: Supersonica
Art Direction: David Bessler
Executive Production and Coordination: Marilia K Franco
Animations: Visorama Diversões Eletrônicas
Visorama’s account: Samanta Martins
Public Relations: Kerena Neves, Bruna Ramos