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Sticky Notes Annual

BACKGROUND Japanese creators are considered to be diligent. They write notes directly on to the annual and dog-ear pages when they study. However, the important annual becomes damaged too quickly because of the method.

SOLUTION We invented "An annual with sticky notes." Many sticky notes have been arranged onto the cover so that owners can smoothly use it as a bookmark.

RESULT The owners were able to leave marks onto the annuals without damaging the pages. Moreover, the colorful sticky notes excited them and motivated their eager to learn harder. Since the sticky notes were placed onto the cover, no one has lost them since.

Client: Copywriters Club Nagoya

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Nagoya, Japan

Creative Director: Yoshihisa Ozaki / Art Director: Michihito Dobashi / Copywriter: Kotoha Tanaka
Designers: Masatsugu Yano, Masao Shirasawa, Koji Tanaka / Photographer: Yoshihiro Ozaki
Printing Directors: Norio Kito, Satoru Ozawa / Retouchers: Osamu Sato, Makoto Tobita
Sticky Notes Producer: Toshiya Yamada / Copywriters: Yosei Urushibata, Yoshiki Toya / Translator: Yunosuke Kunimoto

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