Corona "Fit Packs" by Leo Burnett

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Corona is a brand committed to the beaches and oceans, and recognizes the responsibility we have on decreasing plastic waste around the globe. We wanted to find a solution to this huge environmental issue, one that could somehow alleviate the economic impact of the plastic in the brand, while helping the beer consumer to simplify the purchase process.

By doing this we will be removing plastic, cardboard, glue and any other waste that could damage the environment from our packaging.

We challenged the production and manufacture of aluminum cans from the brewing industry in the modern era to be able to create these cans. Now, the sale of Corona Extra will not be compromised by a package, because the consumer will be able to decide and put together his own. We are only helping our planet by reducing pollution, we are also generating new behaviors to boost environmental aid and generating changes in the line of thought to look for new ways to help within the industry. An idea that is not only for Corona, is for everyone, to help the planet.

When we created this can, we thought of a way to remove packaging through a screwing system using the cans’ tops and bottoms. They were created in aluminum so that it would not affect the taste of the beer.

We contacted a can manufacturer who could help us make the change. We provided the plans and sketches of the idea so they could bring it to life. We worked hand in hand until we came with the perfect fit. The cans were in different points of sale of Corona, such a bars and convenience stores.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Mexico City, Mexico

Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel
CEO Leo Burnett MX: Horacio Navarro
Chief Creative Officer: Federico Russi
Chief Executive Officer: Diego Ortiz
Copywriter: Alejandro Jácome
Art Director : Raquel Jauregui
Account Director: Hugo Rivapalacio
Account Manager: Carla De la Parra
Executive Producer: Roberto Collazo
Producer: Liliana Valdespino, Diego Mastretta, Matías Godoy
Ceo: José Molina
Director: Jaime Peña

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