Finish "Glasses of Drought" by Havas

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Turkey is on the brink of serious water shortage, and the brand has launched a huge campaign calling everyone to start saving for future generations. One of the most evident signs of this shortage is the water levels in the lakes, where water levels have seriously dropped. So we have studied the topography of 5 lakes (Seyfe, Suğla, Ilgın, Karataş and Burdur Lakes) and turned their shapes into glasses, each glass representing a lake. The amount of water they hold is also the percentage of the water remaining in those lakes. So, if there’s only 64% of water left in Burdur lake, the glass can also hold that percentage of water.
The glasses were first launched on the 22nd March, World Water Day, which also happens to be the date of the biggest national economic forum; Uludağ Economical Forum.

Client: Finish

Advertising Agency Agency: Havas, Istanbul, Turkey

Chief Creative Officer: Ergin Binyıldız
Creative Director: Yavuzhan Gel
Art Directors: Serhan Koçak, Sezgin Bulut
Copywriter: Anıl Süleyman Çınar
Client Services Director: Berk Yılmaz
Client Services Team: Hare Lilya Ganiç, İrem Pusal
Agency Producers: Sıla Salgın, Gözde Bilir
Photography & Retouch: P Blok
Photographer: Barış Önder Güler
Product Producer: Uğur Vanlı / Medyabank
Glassmaker: Musa Teke, Safir Cam
Glass Mold: Mehmet Öztürk, Özay Cam
Glass Print: Halit Samsa, Nurcan Baskı
Marketing Director: Tarık Bayar
Senior Brand Managers: Cem Oğuzcan, Harun Çeliksoy
Senior Assistant Brand Manager: Buse Leblebici