Green Latte: Use Mug, Save Tree!

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Eco-friendly themed franchising café in Korea, Green Latte launched a campaign called "Use Mug, Save Tree!”
When customers get their drinks, they get to see a tree drawing on their disposable with a sleeve on.
Once they take a cup sleeve away, cutting down tree is only shown on their cups.
The cutout images of tree will arouse customers to think about depleting natural resources and saving the nature, which will result in promoting the use at mug.
Throughout the campaign, Green latte's the rate of using mug has been increasing
from 35 to 55% in-store in a month.

Advertising Agency: zzachin idea, Seoul, South Korea
Creative Director: Seok-Kyun Lee / Art Director: Juna Jeon / Copywriters: Soo No Lee, Jasmine Yong-eui Park