Johnnie Walker "Toolbox" for Father's Day

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As time passes, a number of old concepts, patterns and roles are updated. What it means to be a father is one of them. Therefore, on the last Father's Day in Brazil, Johnnie Walker and CP+B Brasil invited Brazilians to reflect on the changes in paternity with the Johnnie Walker Toolbox. An idea that deconstructs the traditional image of being a father by also deconstructing one of the most traditional Father's Day gifts. It is definitely a new kind of toolbox for a new kind of father. This super exclusive and limited edition gift was available in two versions for sale on The Bar, Diageo's e-commerce website, but they were both sold out after only 3 days.

Advertising Agency: CP+B Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil

Client: Diageo
Brand: Johnnie Walker
Chief Creative Officers: Andre Kassu, Marcos Medeiros
Creative Directors: Marcelo Rizério, Rodrigo Visconti
Creatives:Giovani Baggio, Thiago Ehlke
Producers: Robson Ciaramicoli, Ana Casagrande, Valéria Andrighetti
Planning: Mahira Oliveira, Annahy Laira, Julia Garcia
Account: Renata Whirtmann, Milena Braune, Andressa Fukunaga, Robson Miguel
Film Director: Silvio Medeiros
Audio Production: Canja Audio Culture
Client Approval: Juliana Balarin, Andre Zanin, Carolina Chinez, Malu Bimbatti, Fernanda Motta

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