KitKat Mobile Parking Lot

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The Snap & Share is the sharing block we don’t want you to share… 

We know you’re always connected, checked in, switched on. But your brain needs a break from the constant dings, buzzes, chirps and pokes. 

Inspiration probably won’t come from another cat gif or a celebrity selfie.

But it might come from Dave, that guy at work you’ve barely spoken to.

So grab your colleagues/friends/family/Dave, park your phones
in our mobile parking lot and share a break and a KITKAT for real.

Maybe you’ll get the game-changing idea you’ve been looking for.

Whatever happens, we better not see it online.


Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London, UK

Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey / Creative Directors: Fernando Barbella, Christiano Neves
Creatives: Fernando Barbella, Christiano Neves, Devon Wood / Designers: Fernando Barbella, Christiano Neves
Account Director: Paola Natellis / Account Manager: Alastair Ferrans, Charlotte Humphries
Planner: Kevin Mercer
Project Managers: Polly Gilbert, Charlotte McCluskey
Production Company: J. Walter Thompson
Editors: Connor Pearce, Bryan Riddle, Emilie Sheehan