NIVEA: Nivea Sun everyday

Ad Agency
Image advertising:

TARGET: Asian people, including Koreans, who prefer white skin.

CHALLENGE: People do not use sunscreen everyday.

OBJECTIVE: Encourage people to use Nivea Sun everyday.

SOLUTION: Our message sunlight-engraved apples, which are the line examples of product usage, a product sample, and an apple-making-process explanation will be sent to whom answered not using sunscreen everyday at a survey.This will persuade Asian people who prefer white skin to use Nivea Sun everyday.

Advertising Agency: ABJ Genius, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Creative Director: NOH Da Hye / Art Director: SON So Hyun, SON Sang MIn / Copywriter: Jung Kyu (RHYS)LIM
Planner: Jung Kyu (RHYS)LIM / Illustrator: SON So Hyun / Photographer: SON Sang Min