Panadol: position panadol ultra in rural areas

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Creative Execution: We made a visual representation of the benefit. we found a medium that would feel natural to them, something habitual in their daily lives; carrying things on their head. That’s why we created a sponge in the shape of a panadol ultra pill, which they could use as a cushion and help them reduce the discomfort and headaches that this habit generates. This was not only for their personal benefit, but also these women became walking ads for panadol ultra.

Insights, Strategy And The Idea: The objective was to position panadol ultra in rural areas of guatemala, where most of the population is comprised of women from mayan descent with high levels of illiteracy, as the brand that eliminates headaches. The insight was simple: we needed to figure out a way to communicate with an audience who couldn’t read or write, and at the same time we had to promote the brand.

Results: The sales of panadol ultra increased by 45% in the targeted rural areas, becoming the only brand that has been able to conquer a market that until then had been impossible to penetrate.

Advertising Agency: 4 AM Saatchi & Saatchi, Guatemala

Chief Creative Officer: Miguel Mayen / Creative Director: Marco P. Ramirez / Designer: Vinicio De Leon