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Coca-Cola ads
Coca-Cola Print ads

Coca-Cola: Welcome to the scariest day of the year.

Welcome to the scariest day of the year. Advertising Agency: McCann/MRM, Germany Creative...see more →

Sprite Online ads

Sprite Presents: LeBron James' First Home Game

Advertising Agency: Translation, New York, USA LeBron James’ first home court game appearance won’t...see more →

Heineken Print ads

Heineken: Face the consequences or drink responsibly.

Face the consequences or drink responsibly. Client: Heineken Advertising Agency:...see more →

Coca-Cola TV / Film ads

What would life be like if it tasted as good as Diet Coke?

What would life be like if it tasted as good as Diet Coke? What would life be like if it tasted as...see more →

Sucos do Bem
do Bem Print ads

Sucos do Bem: Just fruit

Just fruit. No water. No sugar. No chemistry. Just the best part of all juices: fruit. Advertising...see more →

Fest Cola TV / Film ads

Fest Cola: Pecan Root Beer

Advertising Agency: CPR and Partners, New Orleans, USA Creative Director / Copywriter: Justin...see more →

Amstel TV / Film ads

Amstel Lite - The Barber

Who can turn an unexpected opportunity into something awesome? This guy. Watch him make his play in...see more →

Arta Tequila
Arta Tequila Outdoor ads

Arta Tequila: Día De Los Muertos

Advertising Agency: Griffin Archer, USA Creative Directors / Copywriters: Ellie Anderson, Glen...see more →

POM Wonderful TV / Film ads

POM Wonderful - Crazy Healthy Commercial

With the power of POM Wonderful on her side, this yogi is protected by a relentlessly ravenous free...see more →

Nescafe Ambient ads

Nescafe: 1.000 NESCAFE Red mugs

Advertising Agency: Drap, Zagreb, Croatia Account Director:Vladimir Karmelić / Art Director:Ana...see more →

Nescafe ads
Nescafe Print ads

Nescafe: The Instant Espresso.

The Instant Espresso. Advertising Agency: Prodigious Norge, Oslo, Norway Art Directors: Bruno Kvae...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: Friends Are Waiting

Production Company: TPSC Entertainment Director: Gus Black / Executive Producer: John Noble / ...see more →

Starbucks TV / Film ads

Starbucks: Sometimes the best way to connect is to get together.

Sometimes the best way to connect is to get together. Advertising Agency: BBDO,...see more →

Dr Pepper TV / Film ads

Dr Pepper: Meet Larry

Advertising Agency: Deutsch, Los Angeles, USA Chief Executive Officer: Michael...see more →

Coca-Cola ads
Coca-Cola Print ads

Coca-Cola: #LetsEatTogether

Advertising Agency: Mayer/McCann Erickson, Bratislava, Slovakia Account director: Martin Hala / ...see more →

Guinness ads
Guinness Outdoor ads

Guinness: Black is not a colour

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, London, UK Creative Director: Mike Schalit / Copywriter: Mike...see more →

Coca-Cola Outdoor ads

Diet Coke Presents: The Slender Vender

Diet Coke fits beautifully into one's lifestyle -- and so does its Slender Vender: The thinnest...see more →

Heineken TV / Film ads

Heineken: The Payphone with Fred Armisen

In this social experiment, comedian Fred Armisen anonymously calls a payphone across the street...see more →

Carlsberg TV / Film ads

Carlsberg - The Ride

Production Company: MJZ Advertising Agency:Santo, Buenos Aires, Argentina Directed By: Juan Cabral...see more →

Pepsi Online ads

Pepsi: "Universal Cup"

Advertising Agency: Civilization, Shanghai, China Creative Directors:Alex Xie, ...see more →

Bud Light Direct Marketing ads

Bud Light: Vuvuchela - 2014 world cup

Advertising Agency: Latinworks, Austin, USA Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer...see more →

Budweiser TV / Film ads

Budweiser: "Celebrate As One"

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA Chief Creative Officers: Mike Byrne, Richard...see more →

Nestle Online ads

Nescau Nestle: Freedom For Stationary Bikes

Advertising Agency: JWT, São Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John / Head of Art:...see more →

Carlsberg Direct Marketing ads

Carlsberg: HappyBeerTime

HappyBeerTime is a plug & party concept that bridges good ol’ socializing and...see more →

Heineken Print ads

Heineken is Serving the planet

Serving the planet Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany Creative Director:...see more →

Carlsberg print ads
Carlsberg Print ads

Carlsberg: At the end of the day open a Carlsberg.

At the end of the day open a Carlsberg. Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi &...see more →

Cristal Print ads

Cristal "Your house is your stadium."

Your house is your stadium. Advertising Agency: Y&R, Lima, Peru Executive Creative Director:...see more →

Nestle print
Nestle Print ads

Nestle: Natural drinking water.

Natural drinking water. Advertising Agency: Nabaroski, Cairo, Egypt Creative / Senior Art Director...see more →

Heineken Outdoor ads

Heineken: The SUB Livingroom

During the Milan Design Week 2014 Heineken invited people to play The SUB, its latest draught...see more →

Dewar's TV / Film ads

Dewar's: Live True. There is no other way. And there never was.

Live True. There is no other way. And there never was. Advertising Agency: &Rosàs, Spain It...see more →

Queensberry Print ads

Queensberry "How could we mix so many fruits?"

Client: Queensberry A drink with few calories. We just can't say the same for the rounds per minute...see more →

Dr Pepper TV / Film ads

Dr Pepper: Bold Country

Bold Country is a magical place that exists somewhere between the Mountains of Sierra Nevada and...see more →

Coca-Cola Direct Marketing ads

Coca-Cola: 18 mini-bottles

Coca-Cola will unveil 18 special edition mini-bottles in Brazil on Wednesday to commemorate the...see more →

7up TV / Film ads

7up: Light It UP

7UP is bringing you 7 DJs, 7 shows and lots more with #7x7UP. We kicked things off with the...see more →

MilkPEP Print ads

MilkPEP: Start your day with the power of protein

What 8 grams of protein looks like when you're breaking the laws of physics. Start your day with...see more →

Polar Beer Ambient ads

Polar beer, a beverage best enjoyed ice-cold

There's nothing more annoying than going to a bar with your friends and watching as they can't take...see more →

Pepsi Ambient ads

Pepsi: "Deliverance"

China's broadcast media costs are exorbitant. So when PepsiCo wanted to raise awareness and solicit...see more →

Bud Light Ambient ads

Bud Light: Up for whatever

Client: Bud Light Beer Advertising Agency: BBDO, USA see more →

7up TV / Film ads

7UP - Resolutions

Product: 7UP TEN Advertising Agency: Code and Theory, New York City, U.S.A. Creative Director: Brad...see more →

Red Bull
Red Bull Print ads

Red Bull: Is anyone else actually coming out to play?

"The mind sees three places on a podium. The heart, just one." "Mr. Vettel, if you could just stand...see more →