Electronics & Technology Advertisements

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Braun ads
Braun Print ads

Braun: you need an ear trimmer

Sounds like you need an ear trimmer.Braun Exact Series EN10. Advertising Agency: BBDO Proximity,...see more →

Philips Ambilight ads
Philips Print ads

Philips: Ambilight Tecnology

"The thrill of your TV should not be limited to the screen. Philips Ambilight Tecnology. LEDs that...see more →

IBM Outdoor ads

IBM: If cities were smarter

IBM is committed to creating solutions that help cities all over the world get smarter, in order to...see more →

Microsoft Online ads

Microsoft: See how Touch has changed the game

Advertising Agency: JWT, Beijing, China Chief Creative Officer: Polly Chu / Creative Directors:...see more →

Electrolux ads
Electrolux Print ads

Electrolux: Keeps the color in your clothes

Colors don't mix. Steam System Electrolux. Keeps the color in your clothes. Advertising Agency:...see more →

Phillips ads
Philips Print ads

Phillips: Tune into the right mood

Tune into the right mood. Advertising Agency: Looma, Kishinev, Moldova Creative Director / Art...see more →

Philips ads
Philips Print ads

Philips: Designed for men. Appreciated by women

"Designed for men. Appreciated by women. Philips body groomer is designed to provide the most...see more →

Boost Mobile TV / Film ads

Boost Mobile: shrinking payments and no contracts

Boost Mobile understands that even getting posterized on the basketball court is better than being...see more →

Orange TV / Film ads

Orange: A little human touch goes a long way

Advertising Agency: Bruckner Neta Yaar, Israel Creative Director: Ofer Yaar / Art Director /...see more →

Samsung ads
Samsung Print ads

Samsung ML5015DN with Anti-Jam technology

Because paper jams waste more than just paper.Samsung ML5015DN with Anti-Jam technology...see more →

SFR ads
SFR Print ads

SFR: Unlimited calls for life

"Unlimited calls for life: Please feel free to use this page to keep yourself occupied during your...see more →

Sony TV / Film ads

Sony: 4K out of everything you can see

We pursue the beauty.We pursue the details.Our instinct follows the beautiful.4K out of everything...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung: Hi Hey Hello

We all remember how it feels to fall in love. But times have changed. We've become more...see more →

Rayovac Flashlights
Rayovac Print ads

Rayovac Flashlights: Against darkness.

Product: Rayovac Flashlights Against darkness. Advertising Agency: Fischer América, Argentina...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung: Air View and Air Gesture

The force is strong with the new Samsung Galaxy S4. Features like Air View and Air Gesture allow...see more →

Turkcell ads
Turkcell Print ads

Turkcell: that career is here

Client: Turkcell Global Bilgi (Leader Call Center Of Turkey) "If that career goal on your mind as...see more →

Vodafone TV / Film ads

Vodafone: Better Network Coverage - Unlimited Calls & Texts

Client: Vodafone Ireland Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK Executive Creative Director: Nils...see more →

samsung ads
Samsung Direct Marketing ads

Samsung: Think you can only get sparkling water at the store?

"Think you can only get sparkling water at the store? Allow us to burst your bubble." Advertising...see more →

LG print
LG Print ads

LG: Forever Fresh, Almost.

Forever Fresh, Almost. Product: LG Refrigerator Advertising Agency: Grey, Dhaka, Bangladesh...see more →

Ideasmusik ads
Ideasmusik Print ads

Ideasmusik: 15 million streaming songs

Ideasmusik appTap it, get it.15 million streaming songs. Advertising Agency: Circus, Lima, Peru...see more →

Passa Fácil ads
Passa Fácil Print ads

Passa Fácil: Tames even the unruliest fabrics.

Tames even the unruliest fabrics. Advertising Agency: Z+ Comunicação, Brazil Creative Director:...see more →


TRIENERGY: Generate energy and naturally, productivity.

Generate energy and naturally, productivity. Advertising Agency: Genoma, Bucaramanga, Colombia...see more →

TELUS Ambient ads

TELUS: Journée du bénévolat

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Montreal, Canada Production company: 1ONE  / Producer: Marc-André Gilbert...see more →

Philips Ambient ads

Philips: 800w power and ultra-sharp blades

To promote the ultimate blending machine, we created the ultimate blended fruit. Literally. Philips...see more →

Claro Internet ads
Claro Print ads

Claro Internet: Dizzily fast downloads

Advertising Agency: Circus, Lima, Peru Chief Creative Director / Creative Director: Juan Carlos...see more →

Apple TV / Film ads

Apple - iPhone 5 - Music Every Day

Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone. Advertising Agency:...see more →

Samsung TV / Film ads

Samsung: The Reminder Wall

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Brazil Creatives: João Gabriel Gragnani, Marcelo Ferreira / Creative...see more →

Beeline TV / Film ads

Beeline: Tricky Dog

Advertising Agency: mfive creative group, Moscow, Russia Creative Director: Marina...see more →

Arno ads
Arno Print ads

Arno: The perfect mix

Arno. The perfect mix no matter the ingredients.New Arno. Mixer Deluxe Advertising Agency:...see more →

LG TV / Film ads

LG SMART TV: The Smartest Baby

The new generation of LG SMART TV. You will be surprised how smart it is... Advertising Agency:...see more →

HTC TV / Film ads

HTC: HTC ONE BoomSound

Client: HTC Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai, China Chief Creative Officer: Graham...see more →

AT&T TV / Film ads

AT&T: It's Not Complicated

As explained by kids, Moms are the best. It's Not Complicated. Happy Mother's Day from AT&T....see more →

The Centre For Thought Of John Paul II ads
The Centre For Thought Of John Paul II Outdoor ads

The Centre For Thought Of John Paul II: SoulOS

Advertising Agency: Hypermedia Isobar, Warsaw, Poland Creative Director: Maciej Nowicki / Art...see more →

SANTEC TV / Film ads

SANTEC Video Technologies: There is no way to escape

Santec is one of the leading companies for video security systems. Once a thief is in the focus of...see more →

Vodafone ads
Vodafone Print ads

Vodafone: What's around me?

Technology for the farmers. Where are you? I don't know, where are you?"What's around me?"...see more →

Pioneer print ads
Pioneer Print ads

Pioneer: Free your vinyl

Free your vinyl. The PL-990 automatic turntable. Pioneer Advertising Agency: BBDO Proximity,...see more →

Mademsa ads
Mademsa Print ads

Mademsa: Chimney Cooker Hoods

Advertising Agency: Porta, Chile General Creative Director: Kiko Carcavilla / Creative Directors:...see more →

Orange Online ads

Orange: Play six games

Watch a short film about creating 3D world. Play six games available on the site pogromcylimitow.pl...see more →

Apple TV / Film ads

Apple: iPhone 5 - Photos Every Day

Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera. Advertising Agency: TBWA\...see more →

LG print
LG Print ads

LG: No clothesline. No shame.

No clothesline. No shame. Client: LG Advertising Agency: Revolution, Brazil Chief Creative Officer...see more →