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Honda TV / Film ads

Honda "Be Moved Again" by Sid Lee

Honda invites the European public to feel again sensations that were lost after months of...see more →

WWF "Pyros collection"
WWF Integrated ads

WWF creates furniture from burned wood "Pyros collection"

To raise awareness of the forest fires in Portugal, which continue to grow every year, WWF...see more →

Cupra TV / Film ads

The new global advertising campaign for Cupra Formentor

The advertising agency &Rosàs signs the new global advertising campaign for Cupra, with FC...see more →

The new San Pellegrino "Limited Edition" drinks
San Pellegrino Print ads

The new San Pellegrino "Limited Edition" sparkling drinks collection

Two symbols of authentic Italian creativity, sparkling drinks brand Bibite Sanpellegrino and...see more →

Lamborghini TV / Film ads

The iconic sound of Lamborghini engines

Covid-19 has forced millions of people into their homes and left as many cars locked into the...see more →

Samsung "Don't let reflections ruin your movie"
Samsung Print ads

Samsung "Don't let reflections ruin your movie"

Reflections on the TV screen can be an annoying experience when you want to enjoy your favourite...see more →

McDonald's "Hungry? McDelivery"
McDonald's Outdoor ads

McDonald's "Hungry? McDelivery"

Corona forced McDonald’s to shut down all their restaurants in Germany. We wanted to show that...see more →

KIA "A little is too late"
Kia Print ads

KIA "A little is too late"

When you’re driving and suddenly need to hit the brakes, every millisecond counts. Having a short...see more →

Starwax "As obsessive as you" by Buzzman
Starwax Print ads

Starwax "As obsessive as you" by Buzzman

The Starwax campaign will be present in the press and on social media and includes the company's...see more →

Life Always Triumphs
Unknown Outdoor ads

"Life Always Triumphs" pro-bono campaign from Paris agency Bel-Ami

Moments suspended in time First deployed in the streets of Paris’s 5th...see more →

Inspired by Iceland TV / Film ads

Come and Be Inspired by Iceland

Iceland decided to launch a campaign to attract tourists and it wants to be the first among the...see more →

Honda TV / Film ads

Honda Moto "Ride your dreams"

In this new campaign signed by DDB Paris, Honda exposes the life and journey of a...see more →

Diesel TV / Film ads

Diesel "Francesca" by Publicis Italy

In its new 1 minute 57 advertising spot entitled "Francesca" and directed by François Rousselet,...see more →

Boyner TV / Film ads

Boyner "Happy Father's Day"

Boyner celebrates the Father's Day of our heroic fathers, who prepare, protect and guide us, with...see more →

Banabi TV / Film ads

Banabi "Spoil Yourself" with Safiye Soyman and Faik Ozturk

Banabi, the service of Yemeksepeti, which has been in operation since 2019 and has...see more →

Canon Print ads

Canon #FirstHugs The first hugs of Happiness

Lieve Blancquaert, Canon ambassador for many years, looked very much at the photo series of these...see more →

Air Wick TV / Film ads

Air Wick "Brains in Bloom" a mesmerizing experience

In the midst of quarantine, it has been difficult for some companies to find the best way to...see more →

Volvo TV / Film ads

Volvo cars with an AED: Volvo Lifesaver

In the Netherlands, civilian rescuers start 17,000 resuscitations every year before the ambulance...see more →

Three Bears TV / Film ads

Because Three Bears is better than one

Fedoriv Agency has created a new strategy, positioning and developed a new identity for the "Three...see more →

Session "Touch your new body"
Session Print ads

Session "Touch your new body"

Headline and copy text: Touch your new body. Session is a personal nutrition and training program...see more →

Volkswagen TV / Film ads

Volkswagen "Here" by DDB Paris, France

Volkswagen offers an ode to « here » in a new series of films from DDB Paris. In...see more →

Honda ads
Honda Print ads

Honda Moto France "Oh look! An Africa Twin"

Honda Moto France and DDB Paris agency unveiled the latest adventurous advertising campaign. Oh...see more →

Dove TV / Film ads

Dove #MyHairMyWay - All New Hairstyles

The quarantine was not only a heavy period. For some, the weeks spent at home were an opportunity...see more →

McDonald's ads
McDonald's Print ads

McDonald's "We've missed you just the same!"

We've missed you just the same! Back again on May 15th. After the shut down in Austria - ...see more →

The New York Times Online ads

The New York Times "The Deep Search"

When googling a topic, nobody goes further than the first page. We settle for what we can...see more →

Fujifilm print ad
Fujifilm Print ads

Fujifilm "For stories with no expiry"

Thanks to the assistance of Instagram Story, stories are captured faster but also “expire” faster...see more →

IKEA Russia
IKEA Print ads

IKEA Russia playhouses from childhood

IKEA has designed six playhouses that can be built with its products to entertain children in...see more →

Polestar TV / Film ads

Polestar 2 "The Human Car"

In Acne's latest commercials for the Swedish electric car brand and the model Polestar 2, the...see more →

Intermarché TV / Film ads

Intermarché "I want to be with you"

For the past 2 months, French grocery chain Intermarché has, like others throughout the world, been...see more →

LeYa "Escape the lockdown"
LeYa Print ads

LeYa "Escape the lockdown"

Client: Portuguese online bookstore Leya Advertising Agency: BAR Ogilvy, Lisbon,...see more →

CityMobil codes for delivery and taxi cab rides
CityMobil Online ads

CityMobil: earn promotional codes for delivery and taxi cab rides

This year, Citimobil turns 13 years old. On this occasion, the company invited...see more →

Yerka TV / Film ads

Yerka "IT WORKS" by Baden-Württemberg Film Academy

A fun spot signed by students from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy for the...see more →

Spotify TV / Film ads

Spotify #ScreenOutLoud

Spotify is a #1 music streaming choice amongst millennials in the U.S. But while...see more →

Fathers Wine Print ads

Fathers Wine "Back to the Roots"

Campaign name: Back to the Roots Client's name: Fathers Wine Media: Packaging Industry: Alcoholic...see more →

PSG TV / Film ads

Yard releases "Le Jardin" - Paris Saint-Germain's U19 Players

Yard Releases ‘Le Jardin’, Documentary Exploring the Training, Pressure, and Struggles that...see more →

Ciments Calcia
Ciments Calcia Print ads

Ciments Calcia "Give character to your works"

Advertising Agency: Epoka, Paris, France Give character to your works Creative Director: Laurent...see more →

Bankia focus on the wishes of their customers
Bankia Print ads

Bankia focus on the wishes of their customers

CLV advertising agency and Bankia has launched a new campaign aimed at promoting its loans. The...see more →

Cologne Zoo "See animals like never before"
Cologne Zoo Print ads

Cologne Zoo "See animals like never before"

See animals like never before. Discover over 800 species every day. The Cologne Zoo...see more →

World Vision: "We Won't Stay Home" by Steve
World Vision Print ads

World Vision: "We Won't Stay Home" by Steve

Advertising Agency: Steve, Paris, France Executive Creative Director: Guillaume...see more →

Orange TV / Film ads

Orange #OnResteEnsemble (WeStayTogether) operation

Orange launches #OnResteEnsemble (WeStayTogether) operation to allow seniors in France to...see more →

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