RA Kombinat and ForteBank present "Transaction Merch"

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ForteBank is one of the leading banks in Kazakhstan, offering a range of financial products and services. ForteBank launched a creative and innovative campaign called Transaction Merch in collaboration with RA Kombinat, a creative agency, to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Transaction Merch is a concept that involves creating and distributing branded items that customers can only obtain through specific transactions using the bank’s app. These items are not available for purchase with money but only with data. The idea is to reward customers for using the bank’s app and to encourage them to explore its features and benefits.

ForteBank collaborated with well-known artists to design unique and desirable items like T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, backpacks, and headphones. Each item had its own “price” for transactions, such as making a certain number of transfers, paying bills, or topping up mobile phones. Customers could see the available items and their prices on the app, and track their progress towards earning them.

Once customers completed the required transactions, they received a QR code to scan at a special vending machine to claim their item. The vending machines were located in popular places like shopping malls, cinemas, and parks to attract attention and generate buzz.

The campaign was a huge success for ForteBank, as it achieved several objectives:

  • It increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, as customers felt rewarded and valued for using the bank’s app.
  • It increased customer engagement and retention, as customers were motivated to use the app more frequently and consistently.
  • It increased brand awareness and recognition, as customers became brand ambassadors by wearing and using the branded items.
  • It increased app downloads and registrations, as potential customers were intrigued by the campaign and wanted to participate.
  • It increased app usage and transactions, as customers explored the app’s features and benefits.

The campaign was effective because it used several strategies that appealed to customers:

  • It used gamification, which applies game elements and mechanics to non-game contexts. Gamification can increase motivation, engagement, and enjoyment by creating challenges, goals, rewards, feedback, and progress indicators. By creating a game-like experience for customers, ForteBank made banking more fun and exciting.
  • It used personalization, which customizes products and services to meet individual needs and preferences. Personalization can increase relevance, satisfaction, and loyalty by creating a sense of uniqueness, identity, and belonging. By offering different items for different transactions, ForteBank gave customers more choice and control over their rewards.
  • It used exclusivity, which creates scarcity and desirability for products and services. Exclusivity can increase value, demand, and prestige by creating a sense of rarity, privilege, and status. By making the items available only through transactions and not money, ForteBank made them more special and coveted.

The campaign demonstrates how banks can use transactional data and merchandise to create innovative marketing campaigns that boost customer loyalty and brand awareness. By combining data-driven insights with creative design, banks can create personalized and engaging customer experiences that differentiate them from competitors.

The campaign also shows how banks can leverage technology to create new ways of interacting with customers. By using the app as a platform for communication and reward delivery, banks can create more convenience and accessibility for customers. By using QR codes and vending machines as distribution channels, banks can create more excitement and visibility for their brand.

The campaign also illustrates how banks can collaborate with artists to create unique and appealing merchandise that reflects their brand identity and values. By working with artists who share their vision and mission, banks can create merchandise that resonates with customers and showcases their creativity and innovation.

ForteBank’s Transaction Merch campaign was a creative advertising trend that used transactional data and merchandise to boost customer loyalty and brand awareness. The campaign effectively used gamification, personalization, and exclusivity to create a fun, relevant, and valuable customer experience. The campaign also used technology QR codes vending machines artists designed to create new ways of interacting with customers.

Creative Agency: RA Kombinat

Creative Director: Nikita Yermolayev
Group head of Creative Department: Natasha Shteinbrener
Account Director: Yelena Dmitriyeva
Account Manager: Nargiz Karzhas
Merch Producer: Anna Ryazanceva
SMM manager: Diana Cherkashina

Art director/Photographer: Vasiliy Shvetsov
Assistant photographer: Viktoriya Abramova
Gaffer: Gennadiy Belyh

Video Production: Mikhail Prikhodko
Gaffer: Ilya Kim
Assistant: Ruslan Arsamikov
Backstage: Rustam Abenov

Set Designer: Arailym Jumadullayeva
Stylist: Aizat Sarsembayev
Assistants Stylist: Anel Ten, Malika Suieubergen
Makeup&Hair Artist: Alexandra Davydova
Assistant Makeup&Hair: Darya Norkina

Graphic designer: Maria Shishkova

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