QNB Finansbank / Outdoor
QNB Finansbank "Foreign Travel Insurance you may need it too"
Dewilux / Print
Dewilux "Chainsaw"
Kellogg's / Print
Kellogg's "Without Aussie farmers, there’s something missing from our iconic cereals"
Detran-GO / Print
Detran-GO "Sensitive Content"
WeTransfer / Online
WeTransfer "Share to Perfect"
Çetaş Automotive / Print
Çetaş Automotive "I'm on my way babe"
IKEA / TV / Film
Tourism Santa Fe / Integrated
Mitsubishi / TV / Film
Magro / Print
Magro "Balanced"
Migros / Print
Migros "Requested On Time Delivery"
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's "Slippers"
Jeep / Print
Jeep "Yoga Animals"
The Rock Radio / Print
The Rock Radio "We Can't Keep Quiet"
Volvo / TV / Film
GPS Foundation / Outdoor
GPS Foundation "Don't just share your food. Donate it."
Air Cairo / Outdoor
Air Cairo "It's Time To Unplug"
Johnnie Walker / Direct Marketing
Fire Road / Print
Fire Road "Surprised Emojis"
CoffeeMix / Print
CoffeeMix "Not any mix is CoffeeMix!"
AKSigorta / Print
AKSigorta "A single virus may control your house"
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's "Open Late"
ERA / Print
ERA "Move into a modern place"
Orenda / Print
Orenda "Do It The Right Way"
Snickers / TV / Film
Ubisoft / TV / Film
Amnesty International / Print
Amnesty International "Your signature can free Indonesia"
Diesel / Online
Diesel "SIDE:BIZ"
The Female Company / Direct Marketing
The Female Company "The Tampon Book" a book against tax discrimination
Diesel / TV / Film
Jeep / Print
Jeep "Don't let stories become history."
Greenpeace / Online
Greenpeace "#ActForAmazonia because prayers aren't enough"
Heinz / TV / Film
Jeep / Print
Jeep "Hotels are overrated"
Back Market / Outdoor
Back Market "New Deal"
No Voice to Violence / Print
No Voice to Violence "Violence in Schools"
Transavia Airlines / Print
Transavia Airlines "Holidays are back"
Bose / Print
Bose "Space Out"
Fisherman / Print
Fisherman "Open can, eat"
IKEA / Integrated
Samsung / TV / Film
GRDF / Online
Burger King / TV / Film
Lineman / Print
Lineman "Food Delivery"
Pedigree / Integrated
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen "Your truck is also an ecosystem"
Azrieli Malls / Integrated
Ecopetrol / Integrated