Sea Shepherd / Print
Sea Shepherd "The White Tide"
Memory and Tolerance Museum / Ambient
ESPN / Print
ESPN "Never Miss a Move"
Lux / Ambient
Lux "The Soap with a Lump"
Danone / Ambient
Aktual by Danone
Bulletproof Words / Ambient
Bulletproof Words "The words written by journalists will serve to protect them"
Mitoys / TV / Film
Coopavel / Print
Coopavel "Living is cooperating"
Salvation Army / Print
Salvation Army "Nobody should be left alone"
Coca-Cola / Outdoor
Coca-Cola "open, taste, recycle with us"
Haagen-Dazs / Outdoor
Haagen-Dazs "The Beard Bib"
Snickers / Print
Snickers "You make historically bad business when you are hungry"
Scuba Dogs Society / Print
Scuba Dogs Society "Plastic Kills Oceans"
Volkswagen / TV / Film
Amtrak / Outdoor
Amtrak "90 minutes for whatever"
Coca-Cola / Online
Coca-Cola and Google present:  The Search of a Lifetime
Fizy / Online
IKEA / Ambient
IKEA "Real Life Series" by Publicis
Plantolaxy / Print
Plantolaxy "Natural fiber." by McCann
Pedigree / Print
Pedigree "Your canary doesn't want to live with you"
WWF / Ambient
Global 2000 / Print
Global 2000 "be your own national park"
Lucozade / TV / Film
Mental Health Foundation / TV / Film
Sólo Libros / Print
Sólo Libros "One page is enough."
YAKAD / Online
YAKAD "Missing Faces"
Rota Uniprag / Print
Rota Uniprag "The ants will not hide"
Turkcell / Online
Turkcell "The Unreachables" by TBWA
Ford / TV / Film
Burger King / Ambient
Burger King "Mini Flame Grill" Canoe / Office / VIP
UniCredit Bank / Print
UniCredit Bank "Work&Travel business card"
National Water Safety Month / Print
National Water Safety Month "She appeared to be drowsy but she was really drowning"
WWF / TV / Film
Dr. Dog / Print
Dr. Dog "It needs to be clean, not wet."
Real Plaza / Online
Kseg / Print
Kseg "The Message Can Wait"
Chupa Chups / Print
Chupa Chups "A sweet escape" by Cheil Worldwide
Plaza Vea / Ambient
Plaza Vea "Perussian Prices"
Entel / Print
Entel: "Instagram stories shouldn't change stories."
Garnier / Print
Garnier "Violence is never the answer. Gentle exfoliating gel."
MasterCard / Outdoor
Mastercard "Mastercard ID Check"
General Motors / Online
Active Total Security Systems / Print
Active Total Security Systems "Keeps An Eye Out When You Can't" by FCB
BoConcept / Print
BoConcept "Only They Can Take Your Throne" by Mass Digital
XIAOMI / Print
McDonald's / Online
Monoprix / TV / Film
Novartis / TV / Film