Reinserta / Outdoor
Reinserta "Thousands of mexican children are born in prison"
Incrível Dog / Print
Incrível Dog "Wildly Cute"
Toyota / TV / Film
Etna / TV / Film
ING / TV / Film
Axe / TV / Film
Mundo Pet / Outdoor
Mundo Pet "Everything for who makes you happier"
Latam Airlines / Print
Latam Airlines print ad
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen print ad
Safe Road Fundation / Outdoor
Safe Road Fundation "unplug, while you're on the road"
Burger King / Print
Burger King "Birthday should be happy"
Sinteplast / Outdoor
Sinteplast "Save the Colours of Nature"
Colgate / Print
Colgate "Don't Play With Sugar"
Farmacias Benavides / Print
Farmacias Benavides "An obese child may have cirrhosis without ever drinking alcohol"
Palmolive / Print
Palmolive "Grease Hunter"
PUMA / Direct Marketing
Pepsi / TV / Film
Renault / Print
Daniel Gagnon / Print
Daniel Gagnon "Speed reading"
Bad Boy / Outdoor
Bad Boy
Colsubsidio Libraries / Print
Colsubsidio Libraries "BOOK EXCHANGE"
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen / Print
Blood Alcohol Content
Trident / Print
Trident "Chew the moment" by McCann
Skoda / TV / Film
Surfers Against Sewage / TV / Film
Kelly Clarkson / TV / Film
Pause Home Entertainment / Direct Marketing
Hyundai / Outdoor
Hyundai print ads
Harley-Davidson / Print
Harley-Davidson print ads
Colgate / Outdoor
Chevrolet / Print
UNICEF / Print
UNICEF "#VaccinesWork"
Eurodent / Print
Joint / Print
Joint Mobotix Security Cameras
McDonald's / Print
Porsche / TV / Film
JB Restaurant / Direct Marketing
Hasbro / TV / Film
Adidas / TV / Film
Opel / Print
Opel Mokka X ads
Coca-Cola / TV / Film
Nike / Print
Finish / Direct Marketing
India Gate / Online
Estoril Beach Condos / Print
Estoril Beach Condos
Casablanca Turismo / Print
Casablanca Turismo
Gold's Gym / Print
Gold's Gym "body transformation"