IKEA / TV / Film
Nike / Integrated
Mitsubishi / Print
Mitsubishi "More Than a Cool Job"
Brastemp / Online
Brastemp "Halloween"
ARPA / Print
ARPA "Beautiful Architecture Is Nothing Without Functionality" by Martpet
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen "Lime"
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen "Ours don't pretend, they actually work"
Jeep / Print
Jeep "Happy Halloween" by Publicis
Walmart / Print
Walmar for GinkoPrim "Never Forget"
Tuia Artificial Flowers / Print
Tuia Artificial Flowers "permanent flowers"
Sistema Único de Salud / Print
Sistema Único de Salud "If only you checked your breasts as often"
Lidl / TV / Film
Oreo / Integrated
WWF / Outdoor
WWF "In the real world, natural disasters are human"
Plastic Change / TV / Film
B2B / Integrated
B2B "Come To Egypt, Cheer for Africa" by Social Nuts
Philips / Ambient
LinkedIn / TV / Film
Enterprise / TV / Film
WestJet / TV / Film
Century City / Print
Century City "Pick your favorite unit"
Kleenheat / Outdoor
Kleenheat "let life flow - Commuter Loungerooms"
Miller Lite / TV / Film
Coca-Cola / TV / Film
Adidas / Ambient
Chrysalis / TV / Film
Sabor e Sabor / Print
Sabor e Sabor "Don't Let Hunger Freeze You"
VIC Dental Clinic / Print
VIC Dental Clinic "Food shouldn't be torture"
Lidl / TV / Film
Hyundai / Print
Hyundai "Original Parts" by Los Quiltros
Brilique / Print
Brilique "Saves more lives"
Reebok / Ambient
UNICEF / TV / Film
Audi / Print
Audi "Don't Text and Drive"
Greenpeace / Integrated
Starry / Outdoor
Starry "Make your internet Starry"
Andalusia Hospitals / Print
Andalusia Hospitals "Don't let the Injury tie you up"
Adidas / Integrated
Adidas "Muscles aren't masculine" by The Creative Circus
Budweiser / Outdoor
Budweiser "Don't Let Halloween Haunt You Forever"
Jupiler / TV / Film
LG / Print
LG G7 ThinQ "Hear to Fear"
Volkswagen / TV / Film
Legend Bikes / Print
Legend Bikes "Ridiculous"
Juntos Avanzamos / Print
Juntos Avanzamos "No to the use of styrofoam containers"
Coca-Cola / Print
Coca-Cola "Taste the feeling" by Ogilvy
Dream Foundation / Print
Dream Foundation "the joy of a final dream come true"
LG / Print
LG "Dishwasher with Smart Rack"
Sky / Print
SKY "Entertainment for your dog"

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