Universal Music / TV / Film
Tic Tac / Online
Tic Tac "Cufflinks x Tic Tac"
Evian / Integrated
Evian "The Baby Bare Necessities" by BETC
UNICEF / TV / Film
El Refugio de la Niñez / Print
El Refugio de la Niñez "help us protect migrant children"
Gogaz / Print
Gogaz "Stop the ecocentric fart"
bbb Shoes & Boots / Print
bbb Shoes & Boots "Amazing shoes" by Cerebro Y&R
Vanish / Print
Vanish Crystal White "so white it vanishes"
Metro Jornal / Online
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's "Office - Library - Hospital"
Viagem e Turismo / Print
Viagem e Turismo "Destinations"
Havaianas / Integrated
AACD / Ambient
Movimento SuperAção / Outdoor
3M / Print
3M "The tape that crosses through our hearts"
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe / Ambient
Toyota / TV / Film
Crédit Agricole / TV / Film
Mitsubishi / Print
Mitsubishi "Voice messaging makes the road as dangerous as texting."
Scribe / Direct Marketing
Scribe "Therapy Book" by Archer Troy
Renault / Outdoor
COANIQUEM "Nobody celebrates with a weapon"
Pantene / Online
Critically Endangered Socks / Print
Critically Endangered Socks
McDonald's / Online
Rolling Stone / Print
Rolling Stone Magazine "Great music is immortal"
WestJet / TV / Film
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's "the dishes that wanted to be from McDonald's"
Honda / TV / Film
Kieser Training / Online
Amazon / TV / Film
AMCV / Print
AMCV "words can be the first sign"
Gillette / TV / Film
Sea Shepherd / Print
Sea Shepherd "The White Tide"
Memory and Tolerance Museum / Ambient
ESPN / Print
ESPN "Never Miss a Move"
Lux / Ambient
Lux "The Soap with a Lump"
Danone / Ambient
Aktual by Danone
Bulletproof Words / Ambient
Bulletproof Words "The words written by journalists will serve to protect them"
Mitoys / TV / Film
Coopavel / Print
Coopavel "Living is cooperating"
Salvation Army / Print
Salvation Army "Nobody should be left alone"
Coca-Cola / Outdoor
Coca-Cola "open, taste, recycle with us"
Haagen-Dazs / Outdoor
Haagen-Dazs "The Beard Bib"
Snickers / Print
Snickers "You make historically bad business when you are hungry"
Scuba Dogs Society / Print
Scuba Dogs Society "Plastic Kills Oceans"
Volkswagen / TV / Film
Amtrak / Outdoor
Amtrak "90 minutes for whatever"