Nurofen / TV / Film
Samsung / Print
Samsung "Be more online at life."
Samsung / TV / Film
Roshen Wafers / TV / Film
China Airlines / TV / Film
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen "ID. BUZZ 100% Electric | Save the Earth"
Haier / Print
Burger King / Outdoor
Burger King "Why try to roast when you can't even flame grill?"
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's "Served by a king, or served as a king?"
ASTA English Language School / Outdoor
ASTA English Language School
Diesel / Online
Wook / Print
Wook online bookstore "we deliver"
Eldan / Print
Eldan "No Surprises After purchase"
Meetic / Online
Meetic "If commitment turns you on"
Nissan / Integrated
Reebok / Online
SKYN / TV / Film
DISAN Agro / Print
DISAN Agro "To nourish and care for your seeds"
Skoda / Print
Skoda "Original Parts make you sleep so easy"
Penny Market / Print
Penny Market "You shop today, you pay as if you were in 1994."
Red Robin / TV / Film
Reebok / TV / Film
Supercuts / TV / Film
Marionette Toy Store / Print
Marionette Toy Store "Inspiration time"
Fanta / Print
Fanta "Twist the fruits with Fanta Tastes."
Stella Artois / Outdoor
Stella Artois "Great Beer Travels" by TBWA
Budweiser / TV / Film
McDonald's / Print
McDonald's "McStatistics" by DDB
McDonald's / Integrated
McDonald's "Share the Love"
Mercado Libre / Print
Mercado Libre "Your home deserves better" by Sancho BBDO
Dairy Queen / Outdoor
Dairy Queen "Blizzard Store" by P4 Ogilvy & Mather
Mundo Livre FM / Print
Mundo Livre FM "Music has only one stage. Don't finish with it."
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen "Translate your Volkswagen T-Cross with the new Cognitive Manual."
Fiat / Print
Fiat "Fiat 500X with Safety Sense"
Paris Aeroport / Print
Paris Aeroport "Fake taxis hide real risks"
Greenpeace / Outdoor
Greenpeace "iAmsterdam becomes iAmazonia"
Corona / Direct Marketing
Corona "Fit Packs" by Leo Burnett
Japan Para Table Tennis Association / Integrated
Japan Para Table Tennis Association "The Most Challenging Pingpong Table" by Tbwa\Hakuhodo
Audi / Print
Audi "Revolution meets electric."
Misu / Print
Misu "Thousands of views do not compare to one from home. Adopt."
Volkswagen / Print
Volkswagen "Take it all in just one pull"
Duracell / TV / Film
KFC / Direct Marketing
Hatsu / Print
Hatsu #beyondcolor
Unimed Curitiba / Print
Unimed Curitiba "Germs love the winter. Take care."
CINE PE / Print
Cine PE "No spoiler Only unpublished movies"
Volvo / Print
Volvo "Volvo XC60 with large animals detection system"
Way Beer / Print
Way Beer "Made for few people. Made for crazy people."

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