SBi / Print
SBi "Armored Cars" by Propeg
Gorenje / Print
Gorenje "Cleans away all the traces of the past"
Agency Self-Promotion / Print
"The 10k Merch Store"
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's "My McFlurry. Imagine yours."
Vodafone / Print
Vodafone "Streets are not for him. Vodafone V-Pet"
Samsung / Print
Samsung Galaxy Watch
Villa Dog / Print
Villa Dog Pet Shop "Energy on the street, quietness at home"
Snickers / Print
Snickers "You sign anything then you are hungry"
Burger King / TV / Film
Whiskas / Direct Marketing
Whiskas "MIA - Feed Curiosity"
Baygon / Print
Baygon "Double Nozzle"
Travelers / TV / Film
U.S. Bank / TV / Film
Khalsa Aid / Print
Khalsa Aid "Hashtags don't heal" by DDB
Devil & Detail / Print
Devil & Detail "I teach underprivileged kids how to read"
Advanced Sports Nutrition / Print
Advanced Sports Nutrition "What you hide!"
Babybel / Print
Babybel "What reaches their hands, shouldn't get to their mouth."
Visa / Print
Visa "The most widely accepted payment solution"
Marevivo / Print
Marevivo "For the sea every wash is a torture #STOPMICROFIBRE"
Happydent White / Print
Happydent White "Whitest White"
Hellmann's / Integrated
Poen / Print
Poen "Protect your eyes from everyday damage"
Pride / Print
Pride "Protect Our Trees, Protect Our Heritage"
CRY / Print
CRY "Child labour ends childhood"
Perrier / Online
IKEA / Online
IKEA "gift for champions"
Burger King / Print
Burger King "Burger King Home Delivery. Leave it to us."
Zain / Print
Zain "Meet the face behind the faces"
Deutsche Bahn / Print
Deutsche Bahn "Summer tickets at great prices"
Freeland Foundation / Print
Freeland Foundation "The Truth Behind The Wall"
Sekron Digital / Print
Sekron Digital "If they need it, you need it"
Kenya Forest Service / Print
Kenya Forest Service "Protect Our Trees, Protect Our Heritage"
Universal Music / TV / Film
Tic Tac / Online
Tic Tac "Cufflinks x Tic Tac"
Evian / Integrated
Evian "The Baby Bare Necessities" by BETC
UNICEF / TV / Film
El Refugio de la Niñez / Print
El Refugio de la Niñez "help us protect migrant children"
Gogaz / Print
Gogaz "Stop the ecocentric fart"
bbb Shoes & Boots / Print
bbb Shoes & Boots "Amazing shoes" by Cerebro Y&R
Vanish / Print
Vanish Crystal White "so white it vanishes"
Metro Jornal / Online
McDonald's / Outdoor
McDonald's "Office - Library - Hospital"
Viagem e Turismo / Print
Viagem e Turismo "Destinations"
Havaianas / Integrated
AACD / Ambient
Movimento SuperAção / Outdoor
3M / Print
3M "The tape that crosses through our hearts"
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe / Ambient

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