Grand Frais "Swing The Copycat"

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Video advertising:

Last year, Grand Frais and Rosa Paris released their first film campaign. And the French loved it. But obviously, they weren't the only ones: on June 20, 2022, Monoprix Qatar released an ad that looked very, very similar to the Grand Frais film. 

Rather than seeing this as a problem, Grand Frais and Rosa Paris saw it as a tribute: if this foreign chain recreated the film so meticulously, it’s because they liked it and saw it was remarkably successful. 

So, naturally, to avoid other retailers spending time and money reproducing the film, Grand Frais and its agency decided to release a "white label" version to give them a leg up. 

One by one, the Grand Frais logo was removed from all the film's shots so now, all competitors can easily insert their logo and reproduce the masterpiece for themselves.


Represented by Prosol (fruits & vegetables, creamery, fishmonger), Despi le boucher (butcher) 

Euro Ethnic Food (grocery) and Grand Gestion 


Prosol Communication Director: Téo Julien Seneor 

Marketing Director European Ethnic Food : Jennifer Manenc  

Marketing Communication Manager Despi le boucher : Vanessa Beauche  

External Communication Manager Grand Frais: Amandine Drevet 

Prosol Content Manager: Nicolas Boivin 



Co-founders: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco 

Managing Director: Sacha Lacroix 

Creative Direction: Nicolas Gadesaude & Julien Saurin 

Editorial Design: Julien Perrard 

Digital Art Director: Lola Lailheugue  

Digital Editorial Design: Valentine Schleicher  

Motion Design: Franck Rakoto & Robin Gasser 


Consulting Director : Camille Courant  

Group Manager : Lisa Duchein  

Head of Social Media : Julie Gueulet 

Social Media Manager : Alice Berthoud 

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