This billboard is cooling your Heineken. Cheers

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As the world's largest music and entertainment festival kicks off in Rio de Janeiro this week and continues through the weekend, Heineken, which uses 100% renewable energy throughout its production process, seized the opportunity to use the festival to create a billboard that cools beer with solar energy.

The Brewteco, a popular bar in Rio's Gávea neighborhood, has had solar panels placed on a billboard attached to the establishment. The Publicis group's Le Pub agency came up with the idea to promote renewable energy sources as a means to increase awareness of the Heineken campaign. In addition, our work will bring attention to the Heineken Green Energy Program, which helps people all throughout the country switch to Green Energy.

The sign reads, "This billboard is chilling your Heineken. Cheers." The project streamlines the brand's sustainability objective of having 50% of Heineken points of sale in 19 capitals run on renewable energy by 2030.

Le Pub's close relationship with Heineken allows it to push the brand's limits and inspire new ideas across all of its channels of communication. Everything from novel items to non-intrusive methods of entering consumers' daily routines. Another example of how we are pushing the boundaries of brand innovation is by transforming solar panels into billboards to spread the word about its green energy program. As an industry leader, Heineken is always thinking ahead to find new and creative ways to connect with consumers.

The initiative is a part of the brand's GREEN YOUR CITY sustainability and cultural platform, which was introduced in 2021 and includes pledges to support "greener cities," "circular economy," and "responsible consumption." With this in mind, Heineken® begins to examine not only its internal operations but also how to disseminate the message to the entire chain, including consumers, using green energy as a transformative agent and demonstrating that individual steps toward a more sustainable future can begin in the comfort of one's own home.

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