The HISTORY Channel presents "The Rest Is History"

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"The Rest Is History" in Tongue-In-Cheek The HISTORY Channel Campaign

We go about our daily lives without much thought to the history behind inventions large and small, from the ice cream scoop to modern-day Democracy. The HISTORY Channel and creative agency/production company Valiant Pictures turn the seemingly every day on its head in a fun campaign where unsuspecting citizens meet the historical counterparts who made their lives what it is today. 

In these repeatable vignettes, historical figures appear in modern settings as a comedic device to reveal History’s most intriguing true stories, hidden in plain sight. The campaign aims to target a younger audience--situating each spot in places the viewer may see themselves--with an approachable, modern and entertaining brand perception.

Through the ads, directed by Valiant Pictures co-founder Vincent Lin and director Danny Corey, audiences meet Alfred L. Cralle, inventor of the ice cream scoop; Mary Anderson, inventor of the windshield wiper; and baseball legend Jackie Robinson, World Series phenom and master bunter. Never mind how they rolled into a backyard birthday party, the passenger-side of a car, or the town hall voting booth--all viewers need to know is why they have access to the oft-unacknowledged origins of modern marvels. The rest is history.

Notes Vincent Lin, co-founder/Director at Valiant Pictures, “One of the main challenges to reimagine a brand that is so ingrained in all our minds with such rich history, pun intended, and resonance, is to leverage its strength — the knowledge and credibility the network brings that drives all of us to explore and wonder. But, by the same token, embrace an inviting, modern, and relevant approach that builds towards exciting possibilities. We are eager to introduce many more memorable historic figures in the future -- after all, they were the original influencers.”



Executive Creative Director: Tim Nolan

Brand Lead: Matt Neary

Creative Director / Writer: Mary Traina

VP, Marketing Production: Kate Leonard

EP, Marketing Production: Sarah Walker

CREDITS - Mary Anderson

Production Company: Valiant Pictures

Founding Partner & EP: Vincent Lin

Founding Partner & EP: Matthew D’Amato

Executive Producer: Adam Zimmer

Director: Danny Corey

DP: Mikey van Beuren

Production Designer: Nick Horton

HMU: Kristen Saia

Wardrobe: Jolene Nava

Editorial: Northern Lights

Editor: Greg Mitchels

Audio Post: SuperExploder

Mixer: Ted Gannon

Color: Northern Lights 

Colorist: Chris Hengeveld

Color: Nice Shoes 

Colorist: Sal Malfitano

CREDITS - Alfred L. Cralle and Jackie Robinson

Production Company: Valiant Pictures

Director / Founding Partner & EP: Vincent Lin

Founding Partner & EP: Matthew D’Amato

Executive Producer: Adam Zimmer

Director / DP: Danny Corey

Producer: Jack Noone

Production Designer: Nick Horton

HMU: Amanda Markoya

Wardrobe: Linette Del Monico

Editorial: BANDIT

Editor: Zeke O'Donnell

Assistant Editor: Chris McNinch

Executive Producer: Laura Relovsky

Post Producer: Doris Boroje

Colorist: Stephen Picano

Audio Post: Mr. Bronx

Mixer: Eric Hoffman

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