Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTi) "End Acid Violence"

Video advertising:

Our creative campaign seeks to change attitudes and tighten regulation on the sale of acids. Working closely with the Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTi) charity we created a series of films for this campaign to raise awareness around acid attacks as an international problem.

ASTi, The Operators Creative, and Freeman & Le Tourneau teamed up with Belgian acid attack survivor and author Patricia Lefranc. The campaign highlights the impact acid attacks have on the lives of everyday people while bolstering Lefranc’s own ongoing campaign to change legislation regarding the responsible selling of acid. Every year thousands of people across the world are subjected to deliberate and premeditated attacks with nitric, hydrochloric or sulphuric acid. In 2017, the UK recorded over 900 attacks.

However acid attacks are a worldwide epidemic that is not restricted to a particular race, religion or geographical location.

Advertising Agency: The Operators Creative, London, United Kingdom

Director Photographer: Freeman & Le Tourneau
Creative Director: Ben Le Tourneau

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