Evian "The Baby Bare Necessities" #liveyoung

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The babies are back to celebrate a new way to #liveyoung.

Advertising Agency: BETC, Paris, France

Client: Evian

Executive Creative Director: Remi Babinet
Creative Director: Nicolas Lautier
Art Director: Erika Reyes
Copywriter: Nicholas Bakshi
Assistant Art Directors: Olivier Bellemare, Anthony Tavares
Music Creative Director: Christophe Caurret
Strategic Planning: Alexandra Evan
Traffic: Nathalie Sanseigne
Tv Producer: Fabrice Brovelli
Production House: Iconoclast
Sound Production: Green United Music
Directors: Vania & Muggia
Photography: Kenneth Foo, Fabien Barrau
Composition: Kenneth Foo, Fabien Barrau
Art Buying: Christine Lefers
External Production: Iconoclast, Mikros

evian - The Baby Bare Necessities
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