Hellmann's "The Restaurant With No Food"

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Have you ever looked into a full fridge and thought "nothing to eat"?

It's a common problem.

Because of it, millions of perfectly good ingredients end up in the bin. How can Hellmann's tackle this? We created a unique dining experience: a gourmet restaurant with no food. Instead, we invited people to bring whatever's left in their fridge to our restaurant.

Our celebrity chefs then transformed their forgotten ingredients into five-star meals, proving how Hellmann's can combine almost anything. And instead of the bill, we surprised people again with a recipe of their meal. But more than just an immersive installation, our restaurant saved thousands of ingredients, inspiring people to see the food in their fridge in an entirely new light.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, London, United Kingdom

Client: Hellmann's

CCO: Andre Laurentino
Creative Director: Johnny Watters, Angus George, Fábio Astolpho, Ricardo Leme Lopes
Senior Copywriter: Kareem Shuhaibar
Senior Art Director: Ilka Mourão, Thiago Jacon
Typographer: Dave Towers
Worldwide Managing Director: Stephan Orhan
Business Partner: Alex Canthal
Account Director: Hannah Gage, Eliana Ricci, Débora Malandrim, Leonardo Bersi, Mirna Abaurre, Patrícia Mansur
Planning Director: Amelia Priddis
Global Brand Vice President: Joana Allen
Vice President Marketing: Christina Bauer-Planck
Senior Marketing Manager: Carolina Riotto
Global Marketing Manager: Ryan Fauconier
Account Manager: Francisco Branco, Ernani Carneiro, Tathiana Barbar, Tatiana Côrte Leal
Art Director: Pedro Maneschy, Vitor Araripe
Copywriter: Fernando Rihan, Felipe Gaúcho
Vp: Renata Asprino
Out of Home Activation: Geometry
Mechanics and Visual Identity: Geometry
Account Supervisor: Juliana Viola
Planning Manager: Juliana Barreto
Production and Partnership Management: HUB Brasil
Operations Director: Bruna Palma
Production Master: Sueli Mazon