IKEA "Buy With Your Time"

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IKEA superstores tend to be located far from city centers. So along with opening a second store in Dubai, we also gave families a bigger incentive to make trips to IKEA. We offered to convert the time they spent on the road into money, which they could use to buy IKEA products.

The price of an hour was based on the average wage in Dubai.

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy Dubai, UAE

CCO: Juggi Ramakrishnan.

Group CD: Youssef Gadallah.

Creative Team: Nicolás López and Fernando Montero.

Client Team Leader: Hadi Ballout.

Head of Production: Amin Soltani.

Junior Producer: Ann Vaas.

Account Director: Preeti Hothi

Account Manager: Alaa Nour.

Creative Director: Karim Sherif.

PR TEAM: Saad Abu Touq, Saintana Saad.

Production House: Goldmine Films.

Executive Producer: Madhup Agarwal.

Director of Photography: Miraj Mohamed

Producer: Shaharbano Zaidi

Production Assistant: Sara Abdullah / Armela Atun / Mahesh Pottavathini

Administration & Accounts: Dona Vaas


GM Marketing, Communication & Interior Design: Carla Klumpenaar.

Regional Communication Manager: Amer Yaghi.

Regional Digital Marketing Specialist: Noha Gheith.

PR and Communications Specialist: Benita Chowdhury