McDonald's "Iftar Sand Clock"

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McDonald's in Saudi Arabia has found a way around the ban on food and drink advertising during Ramadan. McDonald's found a way to promote their products without breaking this rule.

Turning outdoor McDonald's Drive-Thru screens into Ramadan Iftar Sand Clocks, falling grains of sand slowly reveal the exact time customers can break their fast. Taking 12 hours for the sand to fall – exactly the period of fasting – the grains of sand come together to form a McDonald’s meal. When the meal is complete, customers are free to order and enjoy it… just in time for Iftar! The Iftar Sand Clock is also running on McDonald’s social media stories, with special promo codes that are only revealed once the sand completely falls. By doing this, it supports their McDelivery operation to increase sales for a quarantined nation.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Saudi Arabia

Advertising was placed on social networks and on digital screens.

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