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Leaders of Today are making decisions for the future without being in touch with reality and listening to the youth. As a result, protests were held all around the globe be it India, China, or Britain. Hence, +Peace decided to take a stand.

THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW - an exclusive seat at the authoritarian table for youth leaders to build and emphasize effective solutions on peacebuilding. These youth leaders will be shortlisted by +Peace and then selected through online voting on the official Instagram page of The Leaders of Tomorrow.

With this initiative, officials will get to know the perspectives and inputs of the youth from the affected communities. We later appeal to the governments and the UN to adopt it too. This not only builds a positive relationship between local officials and youth but also acts as a solution for promoting peaceful and inclusive societies.

Brand: +Peace

Campaign Title: The Leaders of Tomorrow

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai.

Personal Credits: 
Copywriter: Anisha Chavan

Mentor: Deep Chhabria & Siddhi Ranade

Media: Experiential | Industry: Advertising | Published: May 2020 | Language: English