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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT LIFE COACH? PEDIGREE® INSPIRES PEOPLE TO ADOPT DOGS AND BECOME BETTER VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES The “Coach” is a widespread social campaign by PEDIGREE® and BBDO Moscow that launched ahead of International Homeless Animals' Day. The idea is to challenge stereotypes about adopting pets and show that a dog could be a real personal coach. 

Life coaching sessions have captured social networks, but pet owners believe that shelter dogs are true coaches on the way to success, so the brand and agency claim: save thousands on webinars, lectures and books like “45 Easy Steps Towards a Million”, just adopt a dog, and it will make you better. A shelter dog is a first step towards a new, fulfilled and prosperous life. The campaign includes the project’s website, OLV, podcasts with celebrities, who have adopted dogs, and real life coaches and also advertising in social media, where users can choose a real pet from a shelter and read its biography, clicking the link. 

There are real dog-coaches’ profiles on the landing page: it helps users to find a perfect pet follow their interests and wishes. Another non-standard way to know, how dogs can help you with calmness, sociability, responsibility, self-confidence, discipline, stress resistance is to listen to podcasts featuring coaches, an animal psychologist, volunteers and celebrity dog owners. They tell about personal experience and give useful recommendations. 

Alexey Fedorov, Executive Creative Director BBDO: “PEDIGREE® in Russia started to talk about the important topic — homeless dogs adoption. Usually brands do it attracting sympathy and pity. But we decided to create ironic campaign, where we compare dogs with life coaches. Coaching is very up-to-date topic. Now you can hear how to become successful and the best version of yourself on heavy rotation. 

An adopted dog will not solve all your problems immediately, and I’m not sure if anyone can. But an adopted pet is the perfect life coach, who is always with you and will make you better every day gradually” Link to project’s website – The campaign will last until September 13th.

Advertising Agency:BBDO, Moscow, Russia