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If COVID-19’s taught us anything, it’s that essential workers are an incredibly important aspect when it comes to keeping society moving. This becomes abundantly clear when you consider that the majority of these positions, residing in almost 14 essential industries, are held by women. That’s 52% of the entire essential workforce being made up of women from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, these essential workers are rarely celebrated or given the recognition they so desperately deserve, even outside of the global pandemic. Similarly, with the majority of essential women being mothers, we’ve decided to celebrate these hard-working women by pledging two acts of kindness for every one tweet.

In order to do so, we’ve partnered with influencers across social media that will launch our campaign through a call to action with the hashtag #WeAreEssential. This call to action will encourage small female-owned businesses to pledge a product or service to the cause as a way to help support these essential women. Influencers will then choose one of these businesses to support financially in order to provide donations to the cause.

Finally, family and friends of female essential workers will nominate them in order to receive these promotional deals and products from supporting businesses. As an added bonus, whenever our hashtag is trending, Twitter’s interface will change to display an array of bright colours confetti that celebrates our essential workers.

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Advert title(s): Two acts of kindness with one tweet

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Published: April 2020

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