WWF creates furniture from burned wood "Pyros collection"

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To raise awareness of the forest fires in Portugal, which continue to grow every year, WWF and its FCB agency in Portugal came up with an idea that I particularly liked. As you can understand, the agency wanted to shed light on these fires, and, above all, that we cannot forget the devastation they cause each year in the country. 

WWF decided to challenge the renowned Portuguese architect Nuno Lacerda to transform burnt wood into furniture, so more people can witness the tragedy of forest fires.

This unique collection, named "Pyros collection", is intended to induce the opposite sensation to that of traditional furniture design: discomfort. These different pieces of furniture will be visible during a travelling exhibition in Portugal as well as on the project's website.

Symbolically, one of these pieces was also sent to the Portuguese Minister of Ecology to encourage him to react to the issue and the gravity of the situation.

Every summer, in Portugal, more than 520,000 hectares of forest are burnt by fires. An area that represents 60% of the land burned in Europe. A very sad achievement.