The Jeep 4xe "Electric Boogie" commercial for the Big Game

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"Electric Boogie," a one-minute Jeep commercial for the Big Game, celebrates the expansion of the brand's electrified lineup worldwide. This is symbolized by a futuristic reinterpretation of this famous song, which is paired with the new generation of Jeep SUVs.

The official release of the commercial is set for the day of the Big Game. It features the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid, surrounded by different animals dancing to the beat of "Electric Boogie."

The commercial can be seen on the brand's social media channels. It was made to help spread the Jeep brand's lineup of electric vehicles worldwide.

On Sunday, February 12, you can stream and download the new version of the song "Electric Boogie." The Jeep brand took a video of Ms. Griffiths as she recorded the song with Shaggy in a Jamaican music studio.

"This new campaign shows off the global lineup of 4xe electric vehicles and celebrates the fun and lighthearted side of the Jeep brand. We keep making the best-performing and most environmentally friendly Jeep SUVs to date. This is why we say that 4xe is the new 4x4. This is a forward-thinking plan that will help us become the leading brand of zero-emission SUVs in the world. It will also be the guarantee for the millions and millions of Jeep fans who want to keep having a planet to explore, embrace, and protect ".

"With our next generation electrified 4xe range, we've brought "Electric Boogie" into the future to inspire drivers and a new generation of listeners. This choreographed track captures the spirit of adventure, love, and passion that customers love about the brand. Authenticity is a key part of the Jeep brand, so it was essential to us to release this updated version of "Electric Boogie" with singer Marcia Griffiths, who first recorded the song almost 40 years ago and made a big impact on pop culture. We like to think of the commercial as a natural continuation of our famous "Earth Odyssey" commercial. The winning idea is to have the Jeep 4x4s and the stars of the animal kingdom move in time, following the rhythm of nature ".

In 1983, Marcia Griffiths, one of the most successful Jamaican reggae artists, was the first to record and release the song "Electric Boogie" all over the world. At the start of the 1990s, a remixed version of Griffiths' song became very popular all over the world. This made her the most famous reggae artist of all time. This song was written with the legendary Bunny Livingston (Bunny Wailer of the Wailers in the original lineup). It was an explosion of happy energy that led to the creation of the "Electric Slide" dance, which is still very popular today, especially at weddings and parties.

"It has been a great honor for me to be able to make a new version of this famous piece that is more up-to-date. "Electric Boogie" was a song I heard a lot when I was a kid, and it was a favorite in my family. The version that Marcia Griffiths (a former member of I-Threes and background singer for Bob Marley and the Wailers) and Miami Sound Machine (who remixed the song) did became a worldwide hit.

Shaggy said, "Marcia and I have become terrific friends over the years, so I was thrilled when the Jeep brand asked me to update this classic for their new campaign in 2023." Spotlight on Marcia and her unmatched singing skills while capturing the spirit of music from the purest cultures. Amber Lee, Jamila, and Moyann, three up-and-coming singers, added a touch of freshness, fun, and energy to Marcia's original vocal delivery ".

This is the first time the Jeep brand has made a commercial for a worldwide audience to show how its business is growing worldwide. The brand, which sells cars in over 100 countries, has bought the right to use the song everywhere. The campaign will feature 4xe vehicles from the brand's global electrified range when it rolls out in international markets.

The commercial supports Jeep's efforts to electrify its vehicles around the world. Jeep just announced a plan for a new generation of all-electric 4x4s as part of a long-term change that will make it the world's leading electrified SUV brand.

By the end of 2025, the plan calls for four fully electric SUVs to be sold in North America and Europe. As part of the overall product plan already in place, by 2030, 50% of Jeep sales in the United States will come from fully electric cars, while 100% of Jeep sales in Europe will come from fully electric vehicles.

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