Jeep and Publicis present "Nature is in our nature"

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The Jeep brand grille is one of the most recognizable automotive icons, instantly identifiable by adventurers worldwide. Because of this simple icon (OIIIIIIIO), the Jeep and Publicis Groupe Middle East have discovered an entire world living inside of it.

After cutting into the grille from various angles, the grille began to take on the shape and form of natural elements. For example, trees, moons, and icebergs were created by drawing straight lines, circles, and arches.

Squirrel caves, mountain rocks, and bat caves are all hidden within our icon, waiting to be discovered by our community of adventurers. According to Melhem Najm, Chief Marketing Officer at Stellantis, Middle East & Africa, Publicis Middle East has found a way to tell stories about the numerous places a Jeep brand vehicle allows you to explore in the wild using only the iconic Jeep grille.

An executive creative director at Publicis Middle East recalls, "What began as a simple print idea became an entirely new visual language unique to the Jeep brand – adaptable to the natural habitats of any market around the world. Creating a piece of communication for Jeep that was not only authentic but also highly relevant to the Jeep brand's mission of becoming the most sustainable automotive brand by 2030 was extremely rewarding.

'Nature is in our nature' is emblazoned across print media, and Jeep brand showrooms in the United Arab Emirates feature graphic branding. Showroom visitors are reminded that their next unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors is only one Jeep brand journey away with these strategic placements of Jeep brand vehicles in urban showroom environments.

Following the recent launch of a print campaign based on the Jeep brand grille, Publicis Groupe Middle East has released another graphic print campaign called 'Nature is in our nature.' Known as 'The Call of Adventure,' it features a new design language based on Jeep's distinctive dots and dashes on the grille.

A new Jeep slogan, "Nature is in our nature," has been launched in the United Arab Emirates and will be rolled out globally in 2022.

Client: Jeep (Stellantis)
Agency: Publicis Groupe Middle East

Executive Creative Director: Tuki Ghiassi
Creative Director: Anton Marais
Copywriter/Art Director: Jason Walden
Junior Art Director: Ehab Salman
Integration Director: Ray Samman

Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Augusto
Creative Director: Mohamed Bareche
Associate Creative Director: Diego Wortmann
Associate Creative Director: Erick Monero
Senior Art Director: Paulo Ottaviani
Art Director: Randy Balbon
Business Lead: Jean Traboulsi
Senior Account Manager: Marine Melhem

Chief Marketing Officer – at Stellantis, Middle East & Africa: Melhem Najm
Head of Marcom - Jeep Middle East: Cristina Guida La Licata
Brand Marketing - Jeep Middle East: Lyda Camargo

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