McDonald's Germany celebrates Cologne's Christopher Street Day

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Next weekend there will be a party atmosphere in Cologne again because the most significant Christopher Street Day in Germany will take place for the 31st time. This year, McDonald's Germany is the main sponsor of this event, which is vital for the LGBTIQ+ community. Appropriately, the brand will be present with various motifs on the grounds of the CSD street festival and throughout the city of Cologne.

The film advertisement depicts McDonald's products in well-known and lesser-known combinations under the motto "Love is allowed to do everything." The centerpiece this year, however, will be the film "Proud Crew," which will be shown several times a day on large screens on the festival grounds. The film tells the story of a transgender employee who works in a McDonald's restaurant and can be exactly who she is here. The film is about mutual respect and being seen and perceived the way you want. 

McDonald's has always stood for diversity and an open culture of welcome, both in terms of employees and guests. Everyone can live and work here according to their personality, with their facets, without too many questions or attention. Because what matters to McDonald's is not where someone comes from or who you love, but where you want to go together. This is also confirmed by Candy Crash and employee Nora, who talk about the balancing act between following trends and taking action in the area of ​​diversity in the current episode of the McDonald's podcast "To eat here or to take away." TV starlet and drag queen Candy Crash will also be released on April 3. In July, they reported about the CSD for McDonald's on their social media channels. As a former employee, she still feels connected to the company today.

Visitors to the CSD and passers-by in Cologne can also learn more about the diversity topic at McDonald's Germany. A QR code takes viewers from the motifs directly to the diversity section of the "Better M" platform, which provides information about diversity at McDonald's Germany. With some luck, they can win a free McSundae or milkshake when scanning. The company will also present the corresponding poster motifs throughout the city during Christopher Street Day in Berlin around July 23.

The advertising campaign was conceived and implemented by McDonald's PR lead agency DDB Munich, "Proud Crew" was produced by e+p films Munich and directed by Jens Wirtzfeld.

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