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UN World Food Programme Online ads

UN World Food Programme "Foodie"

Synopsis: A third of food is wasted around the world and yet, millions of people...see more →

Budweiser launches "My Bar" platform
Budweiser Online ads

Budweiser launches "My Bar" platform

Another month of quarantine and the desire to go to your favourite bar and catch up with friends...see more →

The New York Times Online ads

The New York Times "The Deep Search"

When googling a topic, nobody goes further than the first page. We settle for what we can...see more →

The North Face Online ads

The North Face "Voice of Exploration"

Our beliefs are formed by what we see and hear around us, and in the great outdoors while one...see more →

CityMobil codes for delivery and taxi cab rides
CityMobil Online ads

CityMobil: earn promotional codes for delivery and taxi cab rides

This year, Citimobil turns 13 years old. On this occasion, the company invited...see more →

Rabitabank "Make your payments non-cash"
Rabitabank Online ads

Rabitabank "Make your payments non-cash"

We know that money changes hands frequently and can pick up all sorts of bacteria and viruses and...see more →

Ford Online ads


To commemorate the 10 millionths Ford Mustang made, leading up to Mustang’s 55th anniversary (April...see more →

World Health Organization "Spread out. Save Lives."
World Health Organization Online ads

World Health Organization "Spread out. Save Lives."

Spread out. Save Lives. Stay 2 meters away from anyone even better, #...see more →

MCPU "Art of Quarantine" #FlattenTheCurve
MCPU Online ads

MCPU "Art of Quarantine" #FlattenTheCurve

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine together with the...see more →

Ana Paula Moreno Institute
Ana Paula Moreno Institute Online ads

Ana Paula Moreno Institute #FindHope

Human trafficking is the world fastest growing crime, with more than 20 million victims. But many...see more →

Augarten Porzellan "Porcelain memes" by Jung von Matt
Augarten Porzellan Online ads

Augarten Porzellan "Porcelain memes" by Jung von Matt

The porcelain manufacturer Augarten in the heart of Vienna has been handcrafting finest kitchenware...see more →

Samsung Online ads

Samsung Galaxy S10+: A 943 km photo

Advertising Agency: Uzina, Lisbon, Portugal André Carvalho, Carlos Bernardo and José Gomes embark...see more →

Fiat Online ads

Fiat "Fear Drive" by Mood

Client: Fiat Advertising Agency: Mood, Lima, Peru Creative Director: Alejandro "Lato" La Torre Head...see more →

Brastemp "Halloween"
Brastemp Online ads

Brastemp "Halloween"

Client: Brastemp Advertising Agency: Jüssi, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Yves Gouw/ Pedro...see more →

Diesel Online ads

Diesel x Coca-Cola - THE (RE)COLLECTION - a collection incorporating recycled materials

This Autumn, two iconic brands, Diesel and Coca-Cola, have joined forces to create The (Re)...see more →

WeTransfer "Share to Perfect"
WeTransfer Online ads

WeTransfer "Share to Perfect"

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Berlin, Germany Creative: Lisa Kirmsse, Bitchiko Varshanidze,...see more →

Diesel "SIDE:BIZ"
Diesel Online ads

Diesel "SIDE:BIZ"

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy Client: Diesel The influencers are the stars of the...see more →

Greenpeace "#ActForAmazonia because prayers aren't enough"
Greenpeace Online ads

Greenpeace "#ActForAmazonia because prayers aren't enough"

#ActForAmazonia, because prayers aren't enough The Amazon is on fire. Large parts of the Amazon...see more →

GRDF Online ads

GRDF "The Farewell Party" by Rosapark

The Farewell Party New GRDF* campaign from Rosapark Never has our planet’s ecological situation...see more →

Diesel Online ads

Diesel "Diesel x La Casa De Papel"

When every brand wants you online and liking, every social media publication DIESEL invites people...see more →

Meetic "If commitment turns you on"
Meetic Online ads

Meetic "If commitment turns you on"

Today, you can date almost anyone, anywhere, anytime. But sometimes with dating goes...see more →

Reebok Online ads

Reebok "Sport The Unexpected"

Cardi B stars in "Nails," an enthralling moment of acrylic prowess for Reebok as...see more →

Perrier Online ads

Perrier "COOL HAT"

PERRIERⓇ creates the COOL HAT: a collector's item to quench your thirst for the extraordinary when...see more →

IKEA "gift for champions"
IKEA Online ads

IKEA "gift for champions"

After the Toronto Raptors basketball team won the NBA, the residents were ready to give anything to...see more →

Tic Tac "Cufflinks x Tic Tac"
Tic Tac Online ads

Tic Tac "Cufflinks x Tic Tac"

Just in time for Father's Day this weekend, Tic Tac is dropping the freshest gift to ever hit your...see more →

Metro Jornal Online ads

Metro Jornal "Captcha against Fake News"

 METRO NEWSPAPER TURNS CAPTCHA INTO AN ANTI-FAKE NEWS TOOL Fake news has become a major issue...see more →

Pantene Online ads

Pantene "#SeeBeautyNotGender"

Client: Pantene #SeeBeautyNotGender - This mobile first campaign with social thinking at its core...see more →

McDonald's Online ads

McDonald's "FriesList"

The World Famous Fries become songs on Spotify. McDonald's is characterized by offering its...see more →

Kieser Training Online ads

Kieser Training "Read Upright"

The campaign rewards smartphone users with good posture by offering free articles. Advertising...see more →

Coca-Cola and Google present:  The Search of a Lifetime
Coca-Cola Online ads

Coca-Cola and Google present: The Search of a Lifetime

A video search engine to make Israeli youngsters’ life decisions easier Coca-Cola...see more →

Fizy Online ads

Fizy "The Musical Font" by TBWA

fizy is Turkey’s biggest music app with 22 Million users. The identity of such a rich platform...see more →

YAKAD "Missing Faces"
YAKAD Online ads

YAKAD "Missing Faces"

Client: YAKAD - The Families of Missing Persons Association A brand new way to seach missing...see more →

Turkcell "The Unreachables" by TBWA
Turkcell Online ads

Turkcell "The Unreachables" by TBWA

The person you have called cannot be reached at the moment. You may be able to reach him on your...see more →

Real Plaza Online ads

Real Plaza "The wrong gift" by Fahrenheit DDB

In Peru, 75% of the elderly adults feel abandoned by their families. On Christmas, while others...see more →

General Motors Online ads

General Motors "Five incredible teachers. One special surprise."

Low wages. Funding challenges. Distracting tech. Dipping into your own pockets for school supplies...see more →

McDonald's Online ads

McDonald's "McHive"

Some of McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden have beehives on their rooftops. The initiative started...see more →

BMW Online ads

BMW "The Unpredictable 360"

To combat people social media and driving, BMW decided to target these people on the very platform...see more →

India Gate Online ads

India Gate "India Dega Aashirvad - For a Hunger Free India"

As Indians we take great pride in our traditions. Our culture and values are what define us, but...see more →

Cancer@Work Online ads

Cancer@Work: "The Unstoppable CV" by FamousGrey

Activity Area - Health Advertiser - Cancer@Work Agency - FamousGrey Creative Director    Romain...see more →

Amnesty International Online ads

Amnesty International: "The Tortured Signature"

Advertising Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl, Copenhagen, Denmark Creative Director: Lasse Vintersbølle...see more →

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