Ana Paula Moreno Institute #FindHope

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Human trafficking is the world fastest growing crime, with more than 20 million victims. But many of them are outside their country of origin.  So, it’s difficult to track down who are missing looking only where they were last seen.

That's why Impar (Ana Paula Moreno Institute, a Brazilian NGO that seeks to give visibility to missing persons) and BETC São Paulo decided to make these people seen on a world scale, through a project named #FindHope. To find and help the victims, the project seeks help through everyone's eyes, adding the photos and data of these missing people to the photos that are seen all around the world on Instagram. 

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    Creative Director: Laura Azevedo
    Art Director: Rafael Homor
    Copywriter: Pedro Vidor
    Additional credits: Rafael Duarte (motion designer)
    Published: March, 2020

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Instagram: @findhopeofficial

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