Burger King "Grubtitles" national language of the burger kingdom

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A new, tastier way to use Netflix subtitles. Grubtitles: national language of the burger kingdom.

Grubtitles is a Netflix feature that allows users to instantly order BK menu items straight to their doorstep. When a burger shows up in any Netflix title, subtitles will appear prompting a one-click whopper.


Develop an idea that uses delivery as part of the Burger King app to delight and surprise 18-24 year old Burger King guests.


There are thousands of burger scenes in various Netflix titles. We're reaching out to a captive audience whose hunger may be triggered by these scenes, but don't want to leave the house mid-show.


Grubtitles is a new Netflix feature that allows users to instantly order BK menu items straight to their doorstep. When a burger shows up in any Netflix title, the King is there to answer their cravings.


Just enter your Netflix information into the BK app to connect and manipulate the subtitles feature. From there, BK will install Grubtitles as a language to your Netflix account. When a burger appears in any scene on Netflix, Grubtitles will prompt an immediate Whopper delivery from the nearest BK restaurant. Grubtitles will provide real-time updates through Netflix, so you can continue bingeing to your heart's desire.

Advert title: Grubtitles
Campaign Name: Grubtitles
Industry: Food
Published: March 2020
Market: North America

Agency: Miami Ad School
Brand: Burger King
Art Directors: Ted Pedro, Ryan Cookish
Copywriter: Roselyn Pla

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