ComEd: Recycle your old fridge

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Single Bulb Theatre presents: “Break Fest”
Single Bulb Theatre presents: “Slumber & Lightning”
Single Bulb Theatre presents: “Dill Shakespeare”

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Watch as Chicago thespians Rebecca Spence, Josh Bywater, and Renee Matthews discover that happiness is a loaded dishwasher, in this dramatic installment of Single Bulb Theatre. In this kitchen, only the excuses don’t fly.

Watch members of Chicagoland’s Red Rose and SHINE! children’s choirs, in a Single Bulb Theatre musical. A thunderstorm turns a slumber party into an adorably spooky fright-fest — at least in the imaginations of these youngsters.

Watch tragedy unfold in this installment of Single Bulb Theatre, featuring the talents of Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s John Byrnes. It’s a classic tale of two lonesome, star-crossed pickles, yearning for true love.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA

Production: Accomplice Media  Director: Alberto Belli
Executive producers: Mel Gragido, Jeff Snyder

Client: ComEd (Commonwealth Edison)



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