Honda Fit: Overly accommodating Lyft Driver

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Fit Lyft – Overly accommodating Lyft Driver

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Everybody appreciates a Lyft driver that goes out of their way to make the ride enjoyable. Just as long as there isn’t an extra charge. See what happens when Nick Thune becomes a Lyft driver and gets behind the wheel of a Fit in this hilarious, hidden-camera video.

Advertising Agency:RPA, USA

Chief Creative Officer:Joe Baratelli / Executive Creative Director:Jason Sperling
Creative Social Media Director:J Barbush / Associate Creative Director:Sarah May Bates
Copywriter:Sarah May Bates / Senior Art Director:Leo Borges
Copywriters:Josh Hepburn, Peter Megler / Art Director:Joaquin Salim
Social Media Copywriter Intern:David Bassine, Gabrielle Flam / Chief Production Officer:Gary Paticoff
Executive Producer:Isadora Chesler, Rob Van, Jessica Locke / Producer:Phung Vo
Director Of Business Affairs:Maria Del Homme / Senior Business Affairs Manager:Jennifer Ross
Management Account Director:Brett Bender  Management Supervisor:Cathy O'Gorman
Senior Account Executive:Angelica Hollander / Account Executive:Cory Hauser
Prod Co:Uber Content / Director:Fred Savage
Exec Prod:Preston Lee / Line Prod:Tom Lowe
Editor:Teddy Gersten, Leah Turner / Post Producer:Alexa Atkin
Flame Artist:Wes Waldron  /  Flare Artist:Steven Williams
Mix & Sound Design:Lime Studios / Engineer:Dave Wagg
Assistant:Adam Primack / Celebrity Talent:Nick Thune


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