Lidl Fan Cup / Play online. Shoot offline.

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Play online - shoot offline and feel the excitement of a real, live soccer tournament.

The entirely new gaming concept of the LIDL Fan Cup merges the virtual actions of each player via their Desktop, smartphone or tablet with a real, live table foosball table. In a development process spanning 10 months, LIDL and MRM//McCANN have built an impressive 1,500m² soccer arena in Frankfurt (Germany), designed exclusively for the tournament.

Every penalty shoot-out match is played out in real-time on one of the 50 tables, or "arenas", with every action being commanded via the internet. Cameras record each game, and players can view their own matches after the game and even strategise for their next attempt! This connection between the virtual and real soccer world - never before seen in a tournament - creates a true arena atmosphere with a unique and thrilling competitive buzz.

Advertising Agency: MRM//McCann, Frankfurt, Germany

CEO: Ruber Iglesias / Chief Creative Officer: Elke Klinkhammer
CTO: Frank Ladner / Managing Director: Andreas Brückner
Executive Creative Director: Martin Biela / Creative Innovation Director: Dominik Heinrich
Creative Technology Director: Mark Hollering / Strategy Director: Maurice Racz
Senior Creative Concept/Maker: Philipp Schlosser / Senior IT Project Manager: Andreas Grüner
Senior IT Architect: Markus Georg / Maker: Sven Kräuter
Senior Visual Designer: Jacqueline Grochalski / Management Supervisor: Stephan Rappl
Account Manager: Anna-Katharina Ley  / Project Manager: Kati Kempe
Junior Copywriter: Christian Endecott