Volkswagen: wiper blades

Ad Agency
Video advertising:

To communicate to a new database Volkswagen wiper blades, we created an email knowing the email client would block the images. When users opened the message, they found, in the email’s HTML table base, an image (without images) made up of 600X400 cells in hexadecimal colours. When they clicked to enable the images, the table’s cells became GIFs that together made up a fully-defined image, just like users when the wiper blades in their Volkswagens are in good condition.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Spain

General Creative Director: José María Roca de Vinyals / Creative Directors: Javier Meléndez, Xavi de la Cruz
Creative Supervisor: Marc de la Cruz / Copywriter: Patri Pérez / Art Director: Luis Di Lascio
Technical Director: Emilio González / Interactive Director: Pablo Sánchez / Creative Coder: Aída López
Business Director: Gorka Lozano / Account Director: Petar Balachev