Crafting Miracles: Sid Lee and OPPO Unite for a Spectacular UEFA Champions League Campaign

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Sid Lee, a renowned creative agency, and OPPO, a leading global smart technology company, have joined forces to mark the return of the UEFA Champions League Final to Istanbul with a sensational global campaign. This collaborative endeavor emphasizes that miracles in football are not random occurrences but rather the result of years of dedication, skill, and unwavering perseverance. Featuring former Ballon d'Or winner Ricardo Kaká, the campaign encapsulates the essence of triumph and the journey behind achieving greatness. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable project that merges the worlds of technology, storytelling, and the beautiful game.

A Tale of Miracles: At the heart of this captivating campaign is a film, created by OPPO and Sid Lee, that stars the esteemed Ricardo Kaká. Kaká, an ambassador for OPPO and a football icon who has graced the UEFA Champions League stage, reflects upon the miracles he has both witnessed and experienced throughout his illustrious career. The film pays homage to the legendary 2005 UEFA Champions League Final, fondly known as 'The Miracle of Istanbul,' where Liverpool orchestrated a historic comeback against AC Milan. It encapsulates the essence of football's magical moments and their transformative power.

The Essence of Miracles: In the film, Kaká draws parallels between the miraculous events on the football pitch and the cutting-edge technology offered by OPPO. Just as these extraordinary moments are not mere happenstance, OPPO's mobile technology embodies the values of precision, performance, perseverance, and expertise. Kaká's narrative serves as a testament to the belief that one cannot simply wait for miracles to occur—they must be actively pursued and created through hard work and dedication.

A Global Showcase: A multi-faceted approach has been adopted to ensure the campaign reaches audiences worldwide. Alongside the global film, the campaign extends to print, press, and online media platforms, amplifying the message of triumph and the pursuit of miracles. Moreover, a captivating TikTok challenge, commencing on May 31st, invites users to participate in a duet of skills with Kaká himself, utilizing the hashtag #MakeYourMiracle. This interactive element encourages fans to embrace the spirit of the campaign and showcase their own remarkable abilities.

Praise for the Collaboration: The campaign's creative brilliance has garnered praise from industry leaders. Stéphane Soussan, ECD of Sid Lee Paris, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to work with Ricardo Kaká, highlighting the challenge of seamlessly blending archival footage with live shoots while maintaining exceptional craftsmanship. Stephen Hall, CEO of Sid Lee London, lauds the collaboration with OPPO, emphasizing the pleasure derived from bringing the mesmerizing moments of the UEFA Champions League to life through an exquisitely crafted campaign. Olivella Liu, Global Brand Director of OPPO, echoes the sentiments, commending the campaign's ability to authentically portray the brand's 'Inspiration Ahead' positioning and showcasing their UCL partnership.

Conclusion: With the UEFA Champions League Final making its triumphant return to Istanbul, Sid Lee, and OPPO have united to craft a campaign that celebrates the essence of football miracles. Through the mesmerizing narrative of Ricardo Kaká, viewers are reminded that greatness is not a result of chance but rather a culmination of dedication, expertise, and perseverance. The partnership between Sid Lee and OPPO has birthed a remarkable campaign that combines the allure of football with cutting-edge technology, inspiring audiences worldwide to make their miracles happen. As the world prepares to witness the pinnacle of European football, this campaign is a testament to the power of dreams, hard work, and the belief that miracles are within our reach.


Olivella Liu: Global Brand Director 

Mengjie Zhou: Brand Partnership Director 

Lang Zhang: UCL Partnership Lead 

Rocky Xu: Project Lead 

Runch Lan: Creative Lead 

Ida Deng: Digital Lead 

Sabrina Shi: PR Lead 

Brent Lin: Media Lead 

Yin Wang: Event Lead 


Sid Lee 

Creative Director: Stephane Soussan 

Business Director: Mike Grumbridge  

Strategy Director: Bruno Lee 

Senior Account Director: Ty Oakwood 

Senior Account Manager: Sam Bridgwater 

Art Director: Pierre-Antoine Gilles 

Copywriter: Mathieu Cuvelier 

Strategist: Leah Daymon 

Producer: Laetitia Neves 


Production: Hamlet 

Director: Scott Perry 

DP: Todd Martin 

Production: Hamlet Paris 

Executive producer: Marie Archambeaud 

Line producer: Antonin Romeuf 

Production assistant: Lida Sahakian 

1st AD: Paul Jolliot 

Service production: APROD 

Executive producer: Louis Ditapichai, 

TH producer: Natcha Osborne 

Art director: Perb 

Stylist: Katae 

Post-producer coordinator Hamlet: Léa Torok 

Post-production House: Everest 

Editor: Mark Potter 

Color grader: Nicolas Gautier 

VFX Supervisor: Thomas Espinosa 


Music & Sound-Design: Benzene 

Original Music, Sound Design & Mix: benzēne 

Head of Music & Sound: Grégoire Musso 

Music & Sound Producer: Heather MacFarlane 

Composer: Chris Rizzo 

Sound Designers: Mathias Villeroy, Loïc Canevet, Marc Eres 

Mix: Pauline Facon