Aeromexico "Over any wall"

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Before Trump's speeches threatening to build a wall among Mexico and the USA, Aeroméxico, the iconic airline that joins Mexicans with the rest of the world, decided to give them their hope back by proving a simple fact: no matter how big or tall the wall is, there are no borders in the sky.

That's why we used huge walls in Mexico and placed billboards with our airplanes crossing over them. So, through a simple outdoor measured in meters, we created a campaign that now can be measured in kilometers.

Over any wall

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Mexico City, Mexico

Client: Aeromexico

Chief Executive Officer: Veronica Hernandez
Chief Creative Officer: Cesar Agost Carreno
Vp: Jessica Apellaniz, Luciano D'amelio
Creative Services: Jessica Apellaniz, Luciano D'amelio
Creative Director: Federico Alonso
Account Director: Olga Cardoso
Producer: Rosa Elena Arizmendi