ASTA English Language School "silent letter"

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In India, English medium education is a privilege which many can't afford at an early age. Most kids, study in vernacular medium schools learning very basic English. In fact, the English language is not the first language in most schools.

Which is why, In India, English Language Learning Centres are quite popular. People like to learn English to boost their confidence and to gain an edge in their profession/job.

The task was to highlight how half-knowledge of the language lands one in a more embarrassing position than not knowing it

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Gurgaon, India

Client: ASTA English Language School

Copywriter: Debanjan Basak
Creative Director: Nishit Shankar
Art Director: Nishit Shankar
Copy Writer: Nishit Shankar
Illustrator: Nishit Shankar
National Creative Director: Anupama Ramaswamy
Chief Creative Officer: Soumitra Karnik