Educachorro "Love Hurts. Training treats." by Agência UM

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Client: Educachorro Animal Training

Love Hurts. Training treats.

We love our pets. They are fluffy, great companions, smart and true friends. But love has its mishaps. From time to time we lose a shoe, a cushion, a plant, and often the patience. The Love Hurts campaign shows a common feeling between pet owners and brings a solution: training.

Advertising Agency: Agência UM, Recife, Brazil

Creative Director: Lenilson Lima
Art Director: Geraldo Júnior
Copywriter: Luciano Mattos
Photographer: Bang Bang Conteúdo em Imagens
Account Manager: Ludmila Marques
Planner: Cida Araújo
Production Manager: Waydna Wanderley
Production: Trícia Mota, Íldima Lima
Retoucher: Moreira Studio