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“The Passage”: Fox Channel brings posters vulnerable to sunlight to the streets 

In partnership with BETC/Havas, "The Vampire Poster" promotes the channel's new series and showcases innovation in outdoor media posters

FOX Channel launched the series The Passage. It tells the story of a virus that turns people into vampires and could bring about the end of the human race.

To promote the first season of the series, the channel partnered with BETC/Havas in an action that created special posters that are vulnerable to sunlight. The pieces were put up at night on the streets of São Paulo. At daybreak, when the first rays of sunlight hit the poster, the paper would begin to burn until it turned to ashes. Just like vampires.

The effect was made possible thanks to the creation of a flammable paint made from a mixture of special paint, potassium permanganate ( KMnO4), and sulfuric acid ( H2SO4), which was applied to the back of the posters. As soon it came into contact with sunlight, the paper would begin to combust, catching fire immediately.

"The Vampire Poster combined storytelling with the innovative use of technology in outdoor media. The piece wasn't simply positioned outdoors, it actually used the outdoor environment to spread its message," emphasized Andrea Siqueira, Executive Creative Director at BETC/Havas.

Advertising Agency: BETC | Havas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

CCO: Erh Ray
Ecd: Andrea Siqueira
Creative Directors: Laura Azevedo, Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro
Creation: Chico Lucas, Gustavo Guives Leal
Tipography: Lígia Fava
Brand & Business: Giovana Degen, Camila Steiman
Channels & Engagement: Carlinha Gagliardi, Ricardo Xavier
Communication Head: Camila Nakagawa
Integrated Production Directors: Mariane Goebel, Anna Luisa Ferraz
Film Production: Anna Luisa Ferraz, Stela Viola
Film Production Company: Damasco Filmes
Direction: Alexandre Lucas
Photography Direction: Danilo Mantovani
Executive Production: Marcelo Monteiro, Carlos Righi
Production Company Account: Felipe Silvani
Motion: Breno Amorim
Visual Effects: Breno Amorim
Audio Production: Canja Audio Culture
Graphic Producion: Gilmar Tadeu De Souza, Carlos Valeriano
Scenographic: Focos Produção, Cenografia
Effects Producion: Focos Produção, Cenografia
Advertiser: Sergio Domanico, Priscila Vilardi, Stefanie Thiene