The Israeli Chocolate Bar That's Fighting the Corona Virus

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BBR Saatchi & Saatchi presents:
“The Israeli Chocolate Bar That’s Fighting the Corona Virus”

In a world where all government systems and experts are busy fighting the Corona virus, what can a chocolate brand do to contribute to the fight? Well, let’s be honest not very much. But that didn't stop Elite’s “Keef Kef” brand from playing its humble part.

Elite chocolate’s “Keef-Kef” bar is an iconic choclate bar every Israeli has grown up on. Its name is based on two words which taken together mean fun. But when you break up the combination, you’ll notice that the first word is “Keef” - the Hebrew word for “High Five”.

So right after the Israeli Ministry of Health released the Corona coping guidelines that included a ban on hand shakes and high fives of all kinds, we embarked on a billboard and social media Real Time Marketing campaign. We deleted the first half of the brand’s name (“Keef” which means “highfive”) and left only the fun (“Kef” in Hebrew slang). Below a picture of the bar and its newly trumped logo, we wrote just one sentence: Give up the high fives, for the time being.

The campaign went viral instantly (but in a good way J ...) and so this is how a small chocolate bar brand managed to raise the public’s awareness to the new hygiene guidelines in a fun and ohhh so sweet way.


Agency Credits: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Client: Elite Confectionery, Strauss Group

CEO: Ben Muskal

CCO: Yaron Perel

Creative Director: Shay Israel

Art Director: Noa Navot

Copywriter: Shlomo Kavas

Digital Creative Director: Chen Sasson

VP Strategic Planning: Yossi ‘Joe’ Baruch

Strategic Planner: Lora Goichman

Marcom Director: Eva Hasson

VP Group Account Head: Lee Bryn

Account Supervisor: Sivan Bar-Dagan

Account Executives: Yaara Mazor

Studio Director: Lea Avram Vayzer

Photoshop & Animation: Idan Perets, Eyal Vinitzer