Luscher's: Taste Texas. Chicago Style

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Image advertising:

"Thirty Years of Culinary Experience Delicately Stuffed into a Sausage Casing. / Making the Mother of All Sausage Takes a Real Son of a Butcher. / Chicago Style Dogs You Won't Find Anywhere Else. Including Chicago. / Try Our Vegan Option: Leaving. / All Natural. But Only 'Cause Steroids, Hormones and Antibiotics Don't Add Flavor.  / When Dad's a Cleaver-Wielding Butcher, You Learn To Make Damn Good Sausage."
Taste Texas. Chicago Style.

Advertising Agency: Johnson & Sekin, Dallas, USA

Copywriters / Creative Directors: Chris Sekin, Clint Carter / Art Director / Creative Director: Kent Johnson
Art Director: Cody Russell / Copywriter: Brian Denison / Illustrator: Kim Cypert
Additional credits: Brian Luscher